Worship Ministry Leader Consultations

Rob Packer

With 40 years of worship and pastoral ministry experience to draw from, Rob Packer has the ability to come alongside your church or ministry and bring invaluable encouragement, support and training.

As one of the fathers in worship ministry in New Zealand, Rob has mentored and helped hundreds of worship teams and leaders across the nations. For more background on Rob's ministry experience click here.

With the use of Video Conferencing software, which Rob provides, location is now not an issue. You don't have to travel any distance to receive live input, discussion and training - you can receive it from the convenience of your own home, with your computer and webcam.


A 1 hour Consultation session with Rob over Skype could really help in any of the following areas:

  • Clarifying your vision for the worship ministry
  • Talking through any particular issues you are facing in the worship ministry
  • Planning some specific steps to help your worship team and congregation move forward in their worship journey

Also, Rob can organize a 3-way Video Conference consultation between you, your Senior Leader and him, to talk through any issues that you are facing.

If you participate in an Online Mentoring Group, Rob would recommend that your senior leader take advantage of a Consultation session with him to help provide Rob with the perpsective that he needs to equip you in keeping with the vision of your church.

Why not call Rob now on 09 833 6873 (within New Zealand) or +649 833 6873 (for international calls) for a
Free 15 minute Consultation to discuss how this could work for you.


All the information needed for the setup of any video consultation software will be provided. The instructions are not difficult and are designed for people with no previous experience. Rob can walk you through the process if that would help.

There are 2 types of software available for video consultation on your computer

  1. Skype - for communication between 2 people.
    For setup instructions click here
  2. Video Conferencing software (which Rob will provide) - for 3 or more participants.
    For setup instructions click here

Consultation Cost
- See below


What else Rob can offer your worship ministry

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Online Mentoring Groups for Worship Ministry Leaders and Worship Leaders. These will enable you to meet with other people involved in worship ministry and be supported and mentored by Rob. Bear in mind that all training would be in keeping with the vision and direction that the Senior Leader had already established.

For information about Online Mentoring Groups for Prophetic Ministry and Hearing God click here.

music tuition Online Music Tuition for Keyboard and Guitar. Equip your musicians to read music and play creatively by ear. Master classes in keyboard are available.
resources Access to Fresh Worship Ministry Resources

Consultation Cost (Special Introductory Offer)
1 hour Consultation session via Skype or phone $50.00 + GST

Payment options:

Rob will send you a GST Invoice after you have submitted the Online Booking Form. Payment will need to be made before you have your consultation.
  • Pay by cheque
    Make the cheque out to Rob Packer and send it to him at 5 Simpson Road, Swanson, Auckland 0612.

  • Pay by online banking
    Bank details:
  Bank: National Bank of New Zealand  
  Branch: Henderson  
  Account Name: RA & LK Packer  
  Account Number: 06 0483 0061579 00  

Please put your name in the 'Reference' field to enable Rob to identify your payment.

  • Pay by PayPal (the best option for overseas consultations)
    Rob will email you a PayPal request for funds when your fees are due. When you click on the link it will take you to the PayPal site where you can pay by Credit Card or by PayPal (if you have your own PayPal account). Rob will automatically receive notification from PayPal when your payment has been made.

Booking A Consultation

To book a Consultation session with Rob click here