Video Conferencing Software Setup

Video Conferencing software (for 3 or more participants)


To set up the Video Conferencing software each participant will need the following: webcam

  • A computer (PC or Mac)

  • A webcam and microphone

  • A broadband internet connection

  • Video Conferencing software installed on your computer

When you book in a 3-way Consultation session Rob will send both you and your leader a meeting invitation by email, scheduled for the date and time that the Consultation session was booked for, which will have a link that you will need to click on. It would be advisable for both of you to go through the following steps at least a day before the scheduled Consultation session.

When you click on the link in the email invitation it will take you to the GoToMeeting web page. If a message screen pops up stating that is requesting access to your computer, click "trust", "allow', or "open" to allow access of that site to your computer. Your computer should then start downloading the software package.

If a screen message pops up asking you if you want to open "GoToMeeting v5.1" click "open". A message should pop up stating that the download has been successful.

If for any reason, when you clicked on the link in your email, you didn't get a message screen popping up stating that is requesting access to your computer, and your computer didn't download the software, click on "download GoToMeeting" on the right hand side of the GoToMeeting web page and the download should start.

After the software has been successfully downloaded the software program will link you to the meeting that you were invited to in the email.

You should see a pop up screen saying "Successfully Connected, waiting for an organizer to arrive..." Just go ahead and close the pop up screen and it will ask you "Are you sure you want to leave the meeting?" Click on "OK" and close it.

At this point you have successfully installed the Video Conferencing software.

Please email Rob to let him know that you have successfully installed the software.

At the time of the scheduled Consultation session, both of you at your respective computers will need to click again on the link in the email invitation that Rob sent you. It will take you to the GoToMeeting web page, as before. Click on any pop up messages, as you did before, to allow access of the software to your computer, and it will link you into the meeting and the Consultation session can start.

If you have difficulty with any of the above installation process, ring Rob on 09 833 6873 (within NZ) or 649 833 6873 (outside of NZ) and he will help you get it set up.