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About the Group Leader, Rob Packer:Rob

As one of the fathers in worship ministry in New Zealand, Rob has mentored and helped hundreds of worship teams and leaders across the nations over the last 40 years.
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5 sessions of 1 hour durationworship leader

Frequency 1 session per fortnight (Module covers 10 weeks)


People are genuinely hungry to encounter God in worship. While musical skill is important in helping them to do so, it will take more than just musicianship to pave the way for them.

  • What is the role of a worship leader?
  • What are the things that most people have to overcome in order for them to come into a real freedom in worship?
  • How can you build the atmosphere in worship where people can easily connect with God?

There are no slick formulas to answer these questions but there are principles which, when understood, can help to equip us as worship leaders to be even more effective in the way that we help people encounter God in worship.

Content covered in this module may include any of the following, but will be primarily be determined by the needs and priorities of the group members at the time:

  • Principles of worship leading
  • Personal preparation
  • Building sensitivity to the Holy Spirit
  • Hindrances to worship and how to deal with them
  • Connecting with a congregation
  • Biblical principles relating to worship ministry
  • Understanding how songs work in a congregational setting
  • Prophetic songs
  • Free worship – how to effectively facilitate it
  • Song writing for worship
  • Relating to the rest of your team
  • Relating with your senior leader
  • Character issues
  • And others…..

Additional Info

Teaching notes and aids will be emailed to each group member as required.
PowerPoint presentations can be viewed live by each group member via the video conferencing software.
Additional one-on-one sessions with Rob can be arranged during the course if required.


All the information needed for the setup of any video consultation software will be provided. The instructions are not difficult and are designed for people with no previous experience. Rob can walk you through the process if that would help.
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