Keyboard and Guitar Tutoring

Rob Packer

A relatively recent trend that is growing worldwide is music teachers making online tutoring available via Skype. This is an awesome way of being able to receive training as it completely eliminates distance as a factor in where you can get lessons from.

Rob Packer is an accomplished musician who has been involved in Christian music and worship ministry for 40 years. He has functioned as a pianist, keyboard player and guitar player in many worship teams over the years and has mentored and helped hundreds of worship teams and leaders across the nations. He has played keyboard professionally in restaurants and has been teaching music for 20 years. He has written a booklet called "Behind the Beat", a book called "Play Guitar In Any Key", and produced a 5 DVD set on Playing Keyboard By Ear. (For more background on Rob's ministry experience click here.)


Rob's specialty is to be able to help keyboard players play creatively by ear, without dependence on music or the need to reproduce the melody line. This is hugely beneficial when it comes to being able to respond to the variety of atmospheres that can be experienced in a worship context.

You can pick up skills such as:piano

  • Hearing a tune and being able to play it without music
  • Playing a song using its ‘chord structure’ without having to reproduce the melody
  • Playing a song melodically
  • Accentuating the rhythmic feel of a song and making it ‘come alive’
  • Playing a given song with a variety of ‘moods’ – from light and delicate to strong and thunderous
  • In a worship context, learning to sense and respond to the different atmospheres of the Holy Spirit
  • How to do song introductions and endings
  • How to accompany spontaneous worshipkeyboard
  • How to accompany prophetic songs
  • How to create and sustain different atmospheres instrumentally
  • How to transition smoothly between songs of different types
  • How to change key smoothly within a song
  • Understanding how chords are grouped and related in any given keyguitar
  • Basic sight reading and music theory

Tutoring for Guitar will initially give students a good working knowledge of all basic chords, strumming and picking styles. Later Bar Chords can be learned which will give students the ability to play confidently in any key.

If you live in Auckland you can receive music tutoring for keyboard or guitar at Rob's studio in 5 Simpson Road, Swanson. If getting to West Auckland is a problem, then Music Tutoring via Skype will be just what you need.

Why not call Rob now on 09 833 6873 (within New Zealand) or +649 833 6873 (for international calls) or email him at to discuss how this could work for you.

Your first Music Lesson is Free!


All the information needed for the setup of Skype software will be provided. The instructions are not difficult and are designed for people with no previous experience. Rob can walk you through the process if that would help.
For further information click here

You can choose to have lessons weekly, fortnightly, monthly or on an 'ad hoc' basis.

Cost (Special Introductory Offer):
$30.00 incl GST for a 40 minute lesson

Payment options:

Payment will need to be made before you have your lesson and you can choose to pay for lessons one at a time or for several at a time.

  • Pay by cheque
    Make the cheque out to Rob Packer and send it to him at 5 Simpson Road, Swanson, Auckland 0612. The cheque will need to reach Rob before your lesson is due to take place.

  • Pay by online banking
    Bank details:
  Bank: National Bank of New Zealand  
  Branch: Henderson  
  Account Name: RA & LK Packer  
  Account Number: 06 0483 0061579 00  

Please put your name in the 'Reference' field to enable Rob to identify your payment.

  • Pay by PayPal (the best option for overseas students)
    Rob will email you a PayPal request for funds when your fees are due. When you click on the link it will take you to the PayPal site where you can pay by Credit Card or by PayPal if you have your own PayPal account. Rob will automatically receive notification from PayPal when your payment has been made.
    (Please note - you will need to add $2 to your lesson fee to cover costs of using PayPal)

Booking Lessons: To book some lessons with Rob click here, fill in the Application Form, click on the 'submit' button and Rob will be in contact with you.

What others are saying about Rob's Keyboard DVD Series

I wanted to write you and tell you what a blessing your DVD series Playing By Ear has been to me. I bought it about 6 months ago and I am on my 2nd time through the series. They were a real answer to prayer as there aren't many teachers who teach praise and worship techniques, at least not that I could find. I just wanted to say thank you and keep it up! If you put out any other similar DVD series, let me know. We've recently moved back to the USA, so now I'm praying for a keyboard to finish the DVDs. God bless your ministry!! - Angie W

I had intended emailing you today anyway to say how blessed I am with the DVD series. Have so far listened to the first 4 DVDs and am just loving how easy to follow and practical the sessions are. I feel like an apprentice whose been given a HUGE toolbox, and when I open it I find that there are so many new tools, and some tools I have acquired over the years and been using but not knowing why they work, but now I'm discovering why, which is very helpful.

Each DVD has had very practical tools, and being able to push the pause button and practice the tools taught is most helpful. I am familiar with almost all the songs you have chosen to demonstrate with which adds to the enjoyment. So far I am eagerly devouring each DVD, just listening and taking a few notes to familiarise myself with the contents of each session. Then I plan to work through them in depth, using the pause button often to incorporate the tools into my practice times. It will give me tools to practice with for a long time to come!

Thanks so much for sending the file of the diagrams. What a blessing! I had just today scribbled a rough copy of the chord grouping chart as I watched DVD 4. As it was becoming more and more complicated I was beginning to despair as to how I could ever reproduce it in a readable form!! So the chord sheets you sent are most helpful, and I'm really looking forward to experimenting with the various chord progressions.

Thanks so much for putting this extremely well-presented series together.

I would recommend it to any keyboard player and believe it would be a very useful training resource for worship teams. - Ruth T

Thanks for the charts and diagrams! I received the dvds on Saturday and my sister (20) and I (25) started session 1 the same day. I think the DVDs are brilliant. We've both studied piano for 12 years, but have never been able to find anyone to teach us the ins and outs of praise and worship music. Everything we know we've just picked up here and there and we've just asked the Holy Spirit to be our teacher! Saying all that, your dvds have been an answer to prayer for many years. Thank you! We've found so far that the DVDs go at a good pace, very insightful, but not too overwhelming. Thanks for your ministry! Keep it up! - Angie H

Just thought I would drop you a quick email with some feedback on this series... So far I have watched the first DVD and I think it's soo great!! You have a very clear and understandable teaching method, that I think can be applied to, and understood by anyone from beginners to an advanced musician... great job!! I think you have a great product there and I would personally endorse it to anyone!!!!!! Very excited to be working through these skills again too. - Paul A