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Xtravagant Worship Night!

Are you longing to encounter God? Are you ready to breakthrough into new freedom? Do you want to experience the Lord's Glory and His power?

An 'Xtravagant Worship' night is a time to come aside and spend unhurried time worshipping and encountering God. When God turns up during these times of worship things happen - the sick get healed, the sad get glad and the troubled know rest. Come and join us for a night in the throne room as we give God the extravagant worship He deserves.

Rob and Lyn and the XPministries team are available to lead an Xtravagant Worship Night in your region if you would like to host such an event. This is an amazing opportunity for the churches in your area to experience the Presence of God together, sense what He's saying for your region and release prophetic declaration and intercession over your community!

These are Free XP Ministries Events! 

An offering will be taken during the evening.

Upcoming Xtravagant Worship Nights

Sunday 28th June 6:00pm
Hillsborough Baptist Church,
179 HillsboroughRoad, Hillsborough, Auckland.
Contact: Church Office Ph 09 625 5050

Book an Xtravagant Worship Night

For information on booking an Xtravagant Worship Night, click on the link below:

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