While we follow
the timetable as closely as possible we may deviate from it where we are led to do so by Holy Spirit.

Saturday 24th March
  Morning Session
  Afternoon Session
  Evening Session

Outrageous Grace

Do you need a detox from religion? ... then this day is for you!

The grace and love of God is amazing! When you understand and experience true Grace it frees you from religious mindsets and allows you to live as God intended.

Jesus came to save us from religion and bring us into relationship with God. He calls us to live by grace, not law, and we've been liberated from rules and regulations. That is not a liberal interpretation of the Bible; it's a literal interpretation. Some people think that grace promotes sinful living. It does not! On the contrary, true grace frees and matures the believer to live a life that brings glory to God.

Come and join us - step into freedom, have your mind renewed, detox from religion, know bliss, be filled with joy and walk in God's outrageous grace!


To be advised...


This is a free event. An offering will be taken during the day.