Join Our Breaker Team Partners Now!

We invite you to join with us as we work together to release the Kingdom of Heaven into the Earth. Become a part of our team of pioneering partners by signing up as a monthly financial partner.

All donations are tax deductible and will be receipted at year-end. Requests for changes to partner information or donations may take up to 10 business days to process.


Bank Automatic Payment.
Your partner gift for XP Ministries NZ can be automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month when you set up a monthly Automatic Payment. You will need to contact your Bank to do this and give them the following bank details:


For more information
For more information please call one of
the following phone numbers:
07 578 6339
021 429 009

  Bank: ANZ
  Branch: Henderson
  Account name: Christian Services Association
  Account number: 01 0154 0102835 00


Please put your name in the 'Reference' field to help us identify the payment. When you have set up the Automatic Payment please contact us and let us know the amount that you would like to donate and the date when the payments will start.



Credit Card Recurring Payment.
Your partner gift for XP Ministries NZ can be automatically withdrawn from your Credit Card when you set up a Recurring Payment. To set up a Recurring Payment from your Credit Card click here.



Thank you so much for choosing to partner with us here at XP Ministries NZ
Together we are making a difference, not only in New Zealand, but in the nations of the world as the gifts you give are used to further the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth. Bless you heaps!


XPNZ/CSA NZ Breaker Team members receive the same benefits that USA Breaker Team members experience
Great eternal rewards are awaiting those who diligently serve the Lord. The Scripture says that when you receive a prophet, you receive a prophet's reward. When you partner with XPNZ you are in effect actually partnering with the Prophetic Ministry of Jesus Christ. All the rewards that await the XPNZ team are unto your account.

  • When you partner with XPNZ, you will share in an increase of prophetic and harvesting anointing. This is a Bible principle. If you sow into a field of corn, you will reap corn. If you sow into prophetic ministry, you will reap of the prophetic anointing. XPNZ is rich in prophetic and harvesting anointing.
  • Prayer coverage by our XPNZ team - Our team regularly prays over the list of Partners. Favor, health, financial blessings, protection, spiritual growth and enhancement are some of the things that will be prayed and decreed over your life.
  • An Initial gift – Rob & Lyn and the XP team will welcome you to the team with a valuable Partner packet which includes a DVD with a message from Patricia King as well as Patricia’s ‘New Creation’ CD of her personal testimony.
  • Monthly updates from Rob & Lyn - Every month, you will receive a letter from Rob & Lyn along with a special blessing – a discount on the monthly highlighted resource.
  • Reduced rate to our conferences and schools - as a Breaker Team Partner, you will receive reduced registration fees as well as early-bird seating (for specific conferences).

How XP Ministries USA came to have a Breaker Team

Visitation of the Lord
In a powerful visitation of the Lord in June 2004 to Patricia King, God promised XP Ministries / Christian Services Association financial partners who would serve to advance His Kingdom purposes. He clearly revealed that His "breaker anointing" would operate through these individuals and their gifts in order to open the airwaves for His righteousness.

Personal blessings for the team
He also promised that each of these select “ground breakers” would receive an increased anointing for breakthrough in their personal lives for helping claim ground for Him on the airwaves and in the harvest fields. You can never out-give the Lord. In the measure we release to Him, it is returned many times over.

Many testimonies
The presence of the Lord came so powerfully on our team when this visitation came, and immediately that very day, partners and donations began to be released. Many have told us that since partnering with Extreme Prophetic, answers to their prayers have accelerated and personal breakthroughs have come.

The fruit of this team is astounding
This team is called THE BREAKER TEAM. This Breaker Team and their gifts have sent many laborers to the harvest field, financially covered expenses for the production of over 100 television programs and web segments, covered the expenses of launching this media web site, have funded the poor and the orphans, and much more! They are an integral part of our ministry family and we love them very much. Every day we pray for the Lord to keep them in His love and grace.

XPmedia is all about taking the extreme Love of Jesus to extreme places - including the airwaves! But we cannot do it alone; the masses are in need of a strong, clear, prophetic, voice from the Lord that heralds His love and truth. Extreme Prophetic Television is reaching out to them through the air waves on both secular and Christian networks.