Online Mentoring Groups - Prophetic Ministry (basic)


About the Group Leader, Lyn Packer:Rob

As a New Covenant prophetic minister Lyn has been involved in prophetic ministry nearly 40 years. She is well respected for her ability to accurately hear and declare what God is doing, both in the nation of New Zealand and globally.
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8 sessions of 1 hour duration

Frequency 1 session per week (Module covers 8 weeks)

Groups will be started as applications come in.


The prophetic person must know how to live from two realms simultaneously – the seen and the unseen, the eternal and the temporal. We must know how to access those realms and understand what is happening in them.

The Bible calls us to live as a prophetic people - as those who know God's heart and how to share it effectively with others. It is out of knowing how to access divine revelation from the throne of God that your prophetic gifting will flow. In the times we live in, the Body of Christ needs more than ever to be equipped and prepared to minister Christ's love, both within the church and outside it.

In this prophetic mentoring group, you will learn the biblical basis and foundations of the prophetic and how we as Christians are to be prophetic voices to those around us. Along with the teaching you'll take part in activations and weekly assignments that will develop your listening skills and give you the tools you need to begin to share prophetic revelation with others.

Content will include...

  • Understanding God's heart for the prophetic
  • Hearing from God and discerning His voice

  • Prophetic values

  • Difference between Old Testament and New Testament prophecy
  • Judging and responding to prophecy

  • Understanding how Scripture is your foundation and plumb-line for revelation and experience
  • How you can receive revelation and walk in the supernatural daily
  • How to give prophetic words

  • What to do with prophetic words you receive
  • Activation times and weekly assignments
  • Report back times

Additional Info

Teaching notes and aids will be emailed to each group member as required.
PowerPoint presentations can be viewed live by each group member via the video conferencing software.
Additional individual sessions can be arranged over Skype during the course if required.


All the information needed for the setup of any video consultation software will be provided. The instructions are not difficult and are designed for people with no previous experience. Rob can walk you through the process if that would help.
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