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XP Ministries NZ is part of Patricia King’s ministry, XP Ministries, that is based in Arizona, USA. XP Ministries NZ, as a part of that ministry, trains and equips the Church to live a power-filled Christian life, through schools, conferences, outreach and missions. Their ministry trains and releases people into all that God is pouring into the church in this season.

Rob and Lyn Packer are the NZ team leaders. To see their “bio” go to the About Us page.

Ministry offered to churches – training schools, church services, conferences, camps, worship related ministry & training, prophetic art workshops


Glory School

If you’ve neveGlory Schoolr been to a Glory School you’ve missed a time of real revelatory foundational importance. The Glory School will instruct, enlighten, equip, and release you into the Glory Realm of God. It teaches what is scripturally yours to access in the Spirit realm – the Throne Room, the third heaven, angelic encounters and more… and shows you how to access those things, not just during the school but afterward as well, and to have the encounters with God that you have long hoped you could.

This school is held over 2 ½ days – Thursday eve, Friday and all day Saturday (including evenings) OR Friday evening, all day Saturday (including evening), Sunday afternoon and evening.


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EYES TO SEE School of Visual Revelation

Glory School

God has hidden mysteries in dreams, visions and prophetic signs. He hasn't hidden them from you but for you. His purpose for doing so is that through them you discover more about Him and His wonderful plans and purposes for your life.

In this exciting school we open up the realm of revelatory encounters to you, teaching and equipping you to…

  • Identify the different types of dreams, visions, prophetic signs and experiences you have

  • Interpret them and discover what they mean, and God's purpose in them, for your life or the life of others
  • Cooperate with the Lord in releasing their goodness into your world.

This school is held over a Friday night and all day Saturday (including evening).


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Releasing Heaven Into Earth

We are Releasing Heavenseated with Christ in heavenly places; that's where our prayer and intercession starts - in the Throne Room! Third Heaven intercession is apostolic and governmental. As New Covenant believers we have been shifted from supplicants who had to petition God in order for us to get anything done, into those who have dominion and rule alongside Him through Christ. In this seminar Lyn Packer teaches you how to come boldly to the throne, to know God's heart and his will and be equipped for power-filled prayer!

In this power-packed teaching, Lyn will instruct you how to
• Know your position and the authority you carry in Christ
• Ascend into the Lord's Presence
• Receive Guidance and Strategy from The King of kings
• Move in prayer that has resurrection authority and power
• Intercede from a Throne Room Perspective

When you understand the supernatural power of your prayers you will see that they are potent and effective! They release God's provision and power. Prepare for it to happen! Prepare to see heaven released into earth!

This school is held over a Friday night and all day Saturday (including evening).


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ProphesyThe Bible calls us to live as a prophetic people - those who know God's heart and how to share it. PROPHESY is a 1 & 1/2 day school of the prophetic, of learning to hear the voice of God and to have a greater understanding and embracing of what the Lord has instructed us to do in His Word.

At "Prophesy!" you will learn the biblical basis and foundations of the prophetic and how we as Christians are to be prophetic voices to those around us. In the times we live in, the Body of Christ needs more than ever to be equipped and prepared to minister Christ's love. With both teaching and activations "Prophesy!" will enable you to develop your listening skills and give you the tools you need to begin to share prophetic revelation with people.

This school is held over 1 ½ days – Friday night and all day Saturday (including evening).


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School of Prophetic Worship (The Power of His Presence)

Worship SchoolAre you ready for a divine encounter? To touch true worship and encounter God, we must enter into the realm of the supernatural; we must enter into the realm of God. The school of prophetic worship is for anyone who loves to worship - you don't have to be a part of a worship team or even have to sing in tune. You just have to love God.

In the School of Prophetic Worship you will...Learn how to worship from a place of deep intimacy and rest. Learn how you can have an encounter with God every time you worship. Learn why God wants worship and how to give it to him - abandoned and unashamed. Learn how to position yourself to receive prophetic revelation and how to give expression to what you receive.

This school is held over a Thurs night, Friday night and all day Saturday (including evening).


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School of Prophetic Evangelism

School Prophetic EvangelismThe Lord is calling His church to take the prophetic to the streets. It’s amazing what the Lord will do with willing people who will go in His name to love and encourage the unsaved. This school helps you understand apostolic and prophetic harvesting and trains you in the simplicity of hearing the voice of God and using the prophetic in outreach. It includes an afternoon of street outreach time. You will feel more confident in prophetic evangelism to reach your neighbours, your workplace and whoever the Lord brings across your path.

This school is held over 2 ½ days – Thurs night, Friday and all day Saturday (including evenings).


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Other Ministry

Church Services / Conferences / Camps

Conference1Rob and Lyn and the other members of the XP team are available to lynminister at Church Services and Conferences. They carry a catalytic revelatory anointing that brings shifts and changes over churches and regions as they minister the glory of God.





"Xtravagant Worship" Nights

Xtr Worship"Xtravagant Worship" nights are axtr worship3 time to come aside and spend unhurried time worshipping and encountering God. When God turns up during these times of worship things happen - the sick get healed, the sad get glad and the harried know rest. Come and join us for a night in the throne room as we give God the extravagant worship He deserves.




"Worship Encounter" Weekends

worship“Worship Encounter” weekends are times ofworship2 intimate worship and fellowship held by Rob & Lyn in the intimacy of a home environment. Small in size but large in effect these weekends are catalytic, propelling you to new degrees of freedom in your worship. Filled not only with rich times of corporate worship they are also a chance to experience classes in different areas eg. song writing, worship leading, keyboard skills, guitar, dance, prophetic art, poetry and creative writing (not all classes held every time)




Prophetic Art Workshops

artArt has the ability to touch hearts deeply; prophetic art does so in an even more powerful way. Our prophetic art workshops are tailored to fit the needs of your particular church or group and are suitable for beginners and experienced artists alike. They give good foundational knowledge of how to create prophetic art and establish a good foundation for the use of art to express God's heart on a personal and corporate level. Lyn is an accomplished artist with many years experience in using the prophetic gift in her art.




Small Group Meetings via Skype skype

Rob & Lyn are available to minister in your small group meeting in your home via Skype.
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