How to Book a School or an Event

XP Ministries NZ would be honored to come and minister to you and your group by teaching one of the schools or running one of the events we have on offer.


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We desire partnership and relationship
XP Ministries wants to partner with local churches and ministries and we are committed to relationship and networking. Our heart is to strengthen and support other ministries. While we lead and direct the schools, we work with local churches/ministries who host and facilitate the schools. Our desire is to not only bless you but to increase the visibility of your ministry and outreach.

A typical school schedule
Please see the individual schools listed under events.

Financial Requirements
There is no specific fee or honorarium required for the XP staff but we would ask that the host church cover travel expenses, meals and accommodation. We are happy to stay in people’s homes (with a quiet environment) but if the host prefers to accommodate us in a motel that is fine with us.

The hosting church does their own advertising and sets and handles the registration fees. The registration fee is set by the church to handle the costs of the school manuals, traveling expenses, meals & accommodation for the team, venue hire etc and anything above the costs that comes in belongs to the host church. XP provides the school manuals to the church at retail less 40% plus any shipping charges, and one manual is included with every registration. XP will take a free-will offering during the school, which will go to the ministry of XP Ministries NZ, and we will also give an invitation for prayer and financial partnership at some point. With any Sunday ministry we just leave the church to give a love offering.

The host church is responsible for advertising in the local church, region, and through their email list, as well as producing and distributing handouts, posters etc. Publicity photos and bio information on Rob & Lyn will be sent to you upon request after your school or event has been booked. We will post your school on our website.

Sound and Worship
The host church is responsible for setting up the facility for sound needs and for providing a sound person to work in that area. We will need a data projector to link up with our laptop for the projection of song words and we will need a person to operate the projection software. It is very easy software to operate and a person can learn to use it with only 2 minutes of instruction.

Rob will lead the worship from the keyboard (if it is Rob and Lyn ministering) but musicians from the host church are welcome to work with him. The host church may need to provide a keyboard with a ‘MIDI Out’ port that Rob can use if he is not able to bring his own keyboard.

Please feel free to record the school but the recordings may not be sold except in the case of a registered student missing a session. We ask that you give our speaker a set of the recorded sessions before they leave, or mail them to our office: XP Ministries NZ, 300 Carmichael Road, Bethlehem, Tauranga 3110.

If students want to purchase the entire set of school recordings, we ask them to purchase the official set available at the resource table. The official recorded series are the CD's/DVD's that are sold at the book table. They have been audited for theological and prophetic accuracy. XP’s advisors do not allow the CDs or DVD's from the school to be sold separately due to accountability issues, with the exception of registered students missing a session and needing to hear what they missed. A full set of the pre-recorded sessions (CD”s) will be donated to the hosting church.

We allow “drop-in” students to register for random sessions in most schools except The Glory School. The hosting church can determine the drop in rate that will also include the manual.

We will bring additional training resources with us that can be purchased at the school. This provides an excellent opportunity to further equip the attendees so that they have supplementary spiritual feeding for themselves and others long after the school has finished. We will bring a portable EFTPOS terminal with us that links to the Vodafone network. If you do not receive a good Vodafone signal in the venue that the school will be held in please let us know in advance. We would like one or two volunteers to help with the resource tables. We usually require three trestle tables to hold the resources.

Spiritual Preparation
A prayer coordinator needs to be assigned by the hosting church to cover the school in prayer. XP also has a team of intercessors praying for your school and your church. A prayer outline will be sent to you upon booking a School.

The XP team leads the school and our ministry accountability team offers spiritual covering, but we request that the local ministry leader of the hosting church opens the school/event with a welcome, prayer, and a release for our team to minister.