Pastor's Endorsements

Pastor's endorsements of Rob & Lyn's ministry:



"Rob & Lyn are a pastor's true friend. We have had them through our church several times now, and I
would not hesitate to recommend their ministry. Each time they come they leave a beautiful deposit of the Spirit. In leading worship from the keyboard Rob has the ability to bring the presence of the Lord in a very real and refreshing way. Lyn has a prophetic edge that is inspiring. As a traveling ministry couple they are great encouragers, true troubadours of the kingdom, carrying a true prophetic voice through our nation." - Pastor Ray Watson, Pursuit Church, Auckland NZ



"Its been awesome to get to know Rob and Lyn Packer from XP Ministries. Their ministry was powerful, refreshing and we felt that there was a strong impartation in the church. We were encouraged by the Prophetic words that were brought. Rob and Lyn are both strongly anointed, Rob in the area of teaching and worship and Lyn in the prophetic and she brings fresh revelation. The second time they came to our church they felt like family coming to visit. They are now great friends in God and we wouldn’t hesitate in having them come back to minister again. If you are considering having them come minister I highly recommend them I know you wont be disappointed." - Pastor Paul Bruning, Timaru Celebration Centre



"Rob and Lyn Packer carry powerful gifts that change the spiritual climate of the places God calls them to minister. Rob's insightful teaching propels the listener to the next level in their understanding and walk with God, as well as providing practical steps to apply the teaching to their daily lives. Lyn's prophetic anointing is displayed in a powerful yet gentle way. Rob and Lyn have partnered with us in advancing the Kingdom in our region on several occasions. The beauty in the unity they have in their relationship is an added bonus too. You will be blessed, encouraged and challenged through their ministry."
- Pastor Vicki Strickland, Founder Global Outreach Ministries



"Christchurch North Elim Church has had the privilege of hosting the XP Ministries team a number of times now. We have been delighted with their ministry each time and will have them back again. Rob and Lyn Packer have multiple giftings which makes their ministry even more special. We have used Rob’s musical gift for teaching our music team and for focused worship services. He has an ability to teach the word and to flow in the Holy Spirit. We have used Rob in conference situations and ministering to men’s groups. We have used Lyn specifically for a women’s conference where the emphasis was to encounter God through times of soaking in his presence. She has spoken in our church services and in the conferences we have held here. With their gift mix, Rob and Lyn make up a unique ‘package’ for any church; and their willingness and responsiveness to individual church requirements makes them a hit with us. They have a listening ear and a heart to build the family of God. We would have no hesitation in recommending Rob and Lyn Packer’s ministry as a couple or as individuals."
- Pastor Stewart McLellan, Christchurch North Elim, Christchurch, NZ



"Rob and Lyn's gifting in and sensitivity to worship and the ministry of the Spirit has been an enormous blessing to church communities that I have been involved in. Rob is a clear thinker, a powerfully gifted teacher and a specially anointed worship leader; Lyn teaches and ministers, passionately and prophetically, combining heart and mind, in a way that reveals and applies revelational truth resulting in encounters with God that change lives. They have a capacity, in a corporate setting, to break through to new horizons in the Spirit and take folk with them." - Pastor Kevin Hight, Avalon Baptist Church Wellington, NZ



"I've known Rob & Lyn personally over many years and they are devoted, mature, dynamic and gifted disciples of Jesus. I have also had them speak at two conferences our ministry has run here in Hong Kong and they minister well cross-culturally. I firmly believe that you and your people will be blessed if you welcome them into your Church to minister."
- Sian Loh - Horizon Now Ministry, Hong Kong