A Global Kingdom Perspective

Articles - Prophetic


by Lyn Packer

The Church worldwide is shifting from a local Church perspective to a global Kingdom perspective. Why is that so important?

For the Church to walk with maximum impact in this day we must have a global Kingdom perspective. The Church is in a time of transition. I believe we are coming into the days of the revealing of the sons of God that the earth has longed and waited for. (Rom8:16-19) God is causing the Church to go through a radical transformation that will result in the world seeing a glorious Church full of love and power.

We must, in this season, have a global Kingdom perspective, not just a local Church perspective. Why is that so important? One reason is that if we do not have this perspective it will be too easy to inadvertently work against what God is wanting to release to the Church, both worldwide and locally. I believe the Church was never meant to be just little clusters of people all doing their own thing and only concerned with their patch of the vineyard. To be that way is shortsighted at best, dangerous at worst. If this happens it is all too easy for our focus to become blinkered, like a horse with eye shields on, so that we only see what is straight in front of us.

God never meant us to operate that way and as a prophetic people, called to live and walk a prophetic lifestyle out of that place of intimacy with the Father and with Christ, it is very important that we know the times and seasons we are in. We need to know this so that we can each be pressing in for the release of what God is doing – in our personal lives, in our local Church and in the wider Body of Christ.

So what do we see God wanting to release? These are only some of the things I see Him doing around the world – there is an increase in the release of healing, of signs and wonders, of revelatory realms being opened; there is an increase in the release of Kingdom governmental power and dominion; there is an increase of revelation of the Word, in this season, and mysteries of God are being revealed.

There is an increase of the release of resources, especially as we see the economic state the world is in. Do we know how to step into the promises of God in this area of seeing our provision released to us? Do we know how to step into the other things He is releasing or do we just stand by, thinking “That’s nice, the Church needs that”.

I believe, we will see a rising realization of the importance of having a global Kingdom perspective as we come into alignment with what God is releasing in the earth in these days.

I, for one, want to be someone who walks in the fullness of God’s plans and purposes for my life and I’m sure that that is your heart also. To do so we must see beyond our immediate surroundings and our local sphere of influence. We were never meant to be confined by that boundary. Instead we were meant to have a global influence, bringing the earth into submission to the will of God, releasing His power and purposes wherever and whenever He leads us to do so; to operate outside the constraints of time and distance. We do this, of course, partly in the realm of prayer as we send God’s word to accomplish things around the globe.

One of the things related to this that we are also seeing is an increase of heavenly transportation, as God takes people to places, in the spirit and bodily, to accomplish certain tasks and release His will into certain situations. To see these things happen we need to be changing mindsets and paradigms. We need to be searching the Word for what is ours to walk in and then pressing in to see it released in our lives and in the lives of those we know. This is all a far cry from having a bake sale to raise money for a new carpet for the church foyer, and while those things have some importance, let us not lose sight of why we are here – to set the prisoners free, heal the sick, raise the dead and release heaven into earth.

Do you know who the radical forerunners are that are releasing new things of God into the earth? If you don’t, then find out. See what God is doing in their lives. They are forerunners to show us what God has for us to walk in – in this season and in the days ahead. Search out what is happening around the world in the Kingdom of God. Is God releasing signs and wonders? If He is, then He’s showing you something He has for you to begin to press in for and walk in. Is He releasing healing? If He is, then it’s for you – for here and for now. Is He releasing revelation? Yes He is, and it’s vital to have strategic revelation as we go into the days ahead, to know how best to cooperate with what He wants to do.

God is doing stuff in NZ. In our ministry here at Extreme Prophetic we are seeing a release of revelatory realms being opened in our meetings like never before. People are being healed spontaneously as they worship, being set free, there are angelic encounters on an increasing scale – all here in NZ, and that’s only in our meetings. There are also many others experiencing the same thing and it has come out of an awareness of what God wants to release globally in this season and a pressing in to make sure we obtain it.