An Outpouring of Grace

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by Patricia King

An amazing move of the Spirit is coming - a holiness revival that will bring many things into alignment with God's purposes. But it won't be like any holiness revival of the past. This move will be marked by an outpouring of God's GRACE. I have been experiencing heavenly encounters in God recently, and His grace has been empowering me like never before. Oh, a great tsunami of His grace is on its way! Some believers have shunned the subject of grace because they've seen it so abused. Others have seen the grace of God as an excuse to remain in sin. Those who believe that simply have NO understanding of God's grace. It is impossible to remain in sin when you're empowered by grace. Grace works the exact opposite of sin - His grace enables us to manifest His holy nature.

Before I was saved, I struggled terribly with sin. I tried hard to be good, but I just kept doing things that were harmful to me and others. Sin always produces harm. That's why God hates it. But then, when I got born again, the grace of God flooded me and transformed me from the inside out. I was in love with Jesus, and God's grace empowered me to run after Him in every respect. I didn't have to strive to follow Him with all my heart. His grace accomplished it for me. I had no desire to sin - it wasn't even in my heart. I was now righteous through Christ - a brand new creation, and I behaved like a child of God. I didn't try to, I just did. Grace empowered me. It will empower you, too!

I did a word study on GRACE in the New Testament. Its meaning is amazing:

  • His undeserved, unmerited favor towards you.
  • His benefits and bounty that give you pleasure and delight.
  • His divine influence upon your heart that turns you to Jesus and empowers you to obey His will.

WOW! Grace accomplishes everything for us.

I want to share one of my favorite GRACE scriptures and encourage you to meditate on this truth for a whole month. Read it every day and let it go deep in your heart. You will love it!


2 Corinthians 12:9 - And He has said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness. Most gladly, therefore, I will boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me."

God is saying to you that His grace (favor, benefits, bounty, and His influence upon your heart that empowers you to do His will) is all you need. His grace is sufficient! When you have grace, you're empowered to conform to and fulfill His will.

Plus, His POWER is perfected in weakness. In the Greek, POWER is 'dunamis' and refers to miracle working power, excellence of soul, power that comes through the influence of wealth, and military power. This is outrageous grace! His grace provides POWER that will create excellence of soul and strength for every area of weakness where you might struggle. GRACE does not keep you in your weakness. No! Grace delivers you from it! Grace is what sets you free from everything that contradicts the nature of God in your life. More grace releases more power to overcome. The dumamis is in the grace.

The apostle Paul understood this. That's why he gladly boasted in his weakness so that the dunamis of Christ would dwell in him and break every yoke of bondage. That word swell means: to fix His tent over you, to decend upon you, to work within you while giving you help.

Paul was not boasting in his weakness so that he would remain in it. No! He was boasting so that the grace would produce the victory. Where we are weak, Jesus is strong. Grace causes the Anointed One (and His anointing that breaks every yoke) to be fixed over you like a tent, filling you and empowering you in His presence! This is what grace will accomplish in us.

Oh what amazing grace we are offered in Christ. His grace is sufficient and His grace is going to manifest in great measure. Many will come to Christ and remain in Christ all their days because His grace will save them and keep them.

We are praying for more of this amazing grace to manifest in our midst. I am praying specifically for YOU, that the grace of God will accelerate in your lives, families, and workplaces. Let's lay hold of a grace revival that creates a massive manifestation of holiness in the earth. If you are struggling with any weakness - physical, moral, financial, or relationship tension - simply call on God for more grace. He is at work within you by His grace to cause you to will and to do of His good pleasure (Phil 2:13). His grace will come upon you and perfect you in Christ.

When the spirit of revival comes, lives will be transformed in a second. Let's believe big!

Oh Lord! Thank You for Your amazing GRACE!

Grace to you in great measure! you are loved ... with an everlasting Love!