Tips On Creative Evangelism

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by Erin Bradley

The goal is not to go out and get 100 people saved. The goal is to go out and show the Extreme Love of Jesus Christ to those we meet. One of the biggest keys in doing this is being available to listen. This makes people feel validated, encouraged and loved! One of the best ways to encourage them is to ask God for a prophetic word (word of destiny) to speak over them.

  • Remember, everyone has their own journey to travel, and those we come across will be at different places on their journey. We meet them where they are at.
  • Even something as simple as a smile can break down the walls that someone may have up.
  • As a team we use many different sorts of icebreakers to make cohomelessntact with people - from balloon animals to prophetic jewellery, a sandwich board proclaiming "free destiny words, dream interpretation, healing prayer" and more...
  • Be yourself, relax, have fun, lose the christian jargon. Speak ordinary everyday English. God wants to touch lives through you! Be naturally supernatural!
  • You are a child of the Living God and have Holy Spirit living inside of you, leading and guiding you, listen to Him!
  • Encouraging Words go a long way. People want hope, so ask the Lord for a prophetic word for the person. Be expectant!!! Believe that God will use you to bring just what that person needs for today and to call them into their destiny!
  • Look for any opportunity to lead the conversation around to 'spiritual things' - clothing, tattoos, music, and language.
  • See a cast, bandage or limp - it's a prime opportunity to release healing!
  • When you see their wounds or baggage, ask God to show you the treasures that He sees, and call them into His plans.