In The Midst Of Hard Times - Part 3

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by Lyn Packer

Part 3

I want to look at the power of our words.

Your words carry divine power – don't ever doubt that! When released from your spirit instead of your mind they have the fullness of heaven working in them. It is not enough to know the Word in our head, to intellectualize it, we must know it as reality in our heart as a rhema word, then it can be released in power. We must operate according to Gods rhema word in this hour. We must receive his rhema word for our situations, our families, our cities, our nations! It is not enough to decree a thing from our mind. All we will do, if we do this, is speak out a concept, a nice idea. But when it is rhema and we release it something powerful happens (Job 22:28) decree a thing and it will be established.

In Jeremiah 1:9,10 God says to Jeremiah "I have put my words in your mouth". Notice they are his words, not Jeremiahs. God wants to put his words into your mouth. In that verse the word for mouth is "peh" (Heb). It comes from the root word "pa'ah" which means - to cleave in pieces, break into pieces, to dash or shatter. The words that are sent from our mouth have the power to shatter or cleave into pieces the plans of the enemy. They have the power of life or death (Prov 18:21). They also have the power to build up and establish (Jer 1:9,10) In fact, the mouth is the centre of spiritual warfare in the universe and from it are unleashed all the active and effective spiritual weapons of God. What are some of these weapons – the name of Christ, the Word of God, the word of our testimony, worship, the power of the blood; and there are probably more too.

It is vital that we see, hear and speak according to the Spirit in this day. Paul prays in Eph 1:18,19 that the eyes of our heart would be enlightened. The word for heart there is the Gk word 'dianoia' – its correct translation is imagination [1] not heart. So Paul is saying that he prays that our imagination would be enlightened, brought back into divine correctness, used for the purpose it was originally given to us for – as our internal vision centre – the eyes of our spirit. Why does God want our internal vision centre to be enlightened? Vers 19 tells us – "that we would know what is the hope of his calling, what are the riches of his inheritance in the saints and what is the surpassing greatness of his power toward us who believe."

As we wait on God in prayer for revelation He can cause the eyes of our heart to see spiritual reality – to see ahead of time the results of the exceeding great power that He wants to release into our situation, to visualize the plans and purposes He has for that situation; in other words to see what God is doing! When we see what God is doing or wants to do we can then cooperate with Him.

The surpassing greatness of His power is waiting to be released through you into every situation you face. The same power that raised Christ from the dead is at work in you! That means anything that is dead will come back to life through your cooperation with God! Look at your situation – does it look like it is dead – see what God wants to do and speak life into it. Your assignment is to destroy the works of the enemy just as it was Jesus' assignment (1John 3:8). Your assignment is to decree life into that which is dead, healing into that which is bruised and broken and love into that which hurts!

You are above the principalities and powers, they bow to Christ and you, because you are in Christ and have been given the same authority He has. He is the head, you are the body so you get to walk out His power and authority in the earth.

True faith may cause you to sound arrogant and proud in the eyes of the world but to God you will sound normal, you will sound like His son, one created in His image, who releases heaven into earth in every situation they come into. That's who you are and that's what God has for your situations.

Are you still worried or are you ready to unleash God's mighty power into your situations like never before? Go on, get God's perspective and do it! See your circumstances changed!

1. New Dictionary of Theology, Volume 3. Wherever it is used in the New testament, "dianoia" always means imagination. For example in 1 Tim 4:12-15 meditate in this verse is "dianoia" and means to activate your imagination.