Testimonies of Times Sharing the Extreme Love of Jesus


November 2013

Loving people to Life!

November was a busy month for us – but it simply meant that we got even more opportunities to love people to life. What does that look like? To simply connect authentically with people wherever we go and encourage them on their spiritual journey. Some folk have never even considered spiritual things, whereas others have been searching for truth for many years. We get the awesome opportunity to get beside them, with no agenda other than to love them and help them to understand their incredible created value!

9th November - 'Outside the Walls' and Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

Outside The Walls TrainingBecoming Love means getting "Outside the Walls" and connecting with people in the community. This is exactly what the people that had attended the training earlier in the day got to put into practice when they got to the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga.

Pain comes in all different forms and affects people from all walks of life. A nearby stallholder who had a motorbike accident found relief for the pain in his ribs. Sometimes healing is not instant, as a guy with muscle pain discovered after being prayed for 3 times with no change. The pain moved to another area and was finally dealt to on the fourth time.

A spiritualist came in seeking healing for pain in her tailbone. While commanding pain to leave we noticed that one leg was shorter than the other and encouraged her tentative daughter to come and see God do something cool. There was a clear difference of a few centimetres, so when the leg grew out in front of her eyes her nervousness of us disappeared! Mum was thrilled and said she was looking forward to bringing another family member back in the future.

A young couple came in, not exactly sure what to expect. Night Market discussionsThe young man had had a threatening encounter from "something" that tried to cut his throat whilst dabbling with a Ouija board and looking for supernatural encounters through séances. He had suffered abuse from his violent alcoholic father. The young woman was a P addict at only 17 and felt there was no hope for her future. They never knew that they could have "positive" supernatural encounters with a loving Father who truly cares for them and has incredible plans for their future. They were totally unaware that He values them for who they are, and is not concerned with their (or others) perceived failures in their lives. A dramatic encounter with Love completely changed their perspective and demeanours and dealt soundly with their pain. As a result they both came into a relationship with Jesus!

22nd & 23rd November - Wise Cicada and Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

Free Dream InterpretationAotearoa, our beautiful country, has adopted many sons and daughters from other nations and we get the privilege of helping many of them on their spiritual journey. We saw quite a few at Wise Cicada on Friday.

One lady was from the States, had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and was not wanting a bar of this diagnosis! She had also come in with some amazing dreams which, when interpreted, encouraged her that she was now ready to take specific steps to come into a new place of spiritual revelation, and that she was tired of looking around at everything that proved to not be truly authentic.

We had a wonderful day with some really lovely people beginning to recognise their created value.

With around 30 through the stall we inevitably got to meet some wonderful "characters" at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga and we certainly had one in particular come through on Saturday! This Filipino grandfather was a stall holder who was struggling with really horrible nightmares. At 11 he was electrocuted several times while trying to get a kite, and died. He recalls seeing a bright light, and his mother who had already passed away. When he eventually woke up in the morgue the doctors could not believe it. Later, when he was in the armed forces, he was kidnapped, hog tied and watched a comrade get shot right next to him. He lost 60% of his hearing through this incredibly traumatic time.

These nightmares were telling him that he was useless and of no value. He should have lost his life several times over, and he was excited to realise that his journey was not just about the horrific past that he found difficult to move on from - it was actually a history of supernatural deliverance by a God who not only loved him, but had amazing plans for his future. He did save several people during his stint in the armed forces, was a wonderful father, and grandfather. Night Market discussions 2When we asked him if he would like to be able to hear again without his hearing aids he looked really hopeful. After commanding his ears to open a couple of times he completely removed his hearing aids, and was able to hear us clearly! He even offered them to us when we couldn't hear what he was saying, due to the noise at the market. He was so thankful that he brought us food and drinks from his stall, absolutely beaming and really grateful and happy – a man with a fresh outlook!

A couple of Indian Hindu ladies came through. One was really sad and depressed when she first came in, due to really challenging family circumstances, but she bounced back again after some Spiritual Insights and a Spiritual Encounter, where she tangibly experienced the One who is Love, joy and peace.

No matter who they are or where they come from, people are the same all over the world – longing to find their true identity, peace and love. We feel so honoured that we get to co-labour with God and play a part in that process!

30th November - Grey Lynn Festival

Andrew, Erin, Rob, LynHow can we express everything that happened at Grey Lynn Festival on Saturday? 90 or so people that came through the stall got to experience God touch their life in so many different ways. In each case it was always with love, always with hope, and always with healing.

A 15 year old girl who had a broken thumb, and was in intense pain, was instantly healed. Her heart and self esteem was so built up by this miracle and she could tangibly see how much God cared for her, and that there would be no more need for her to continue to add to the many scars up her arm.

Another young girl who had injured her arm playing lacrosse was immediately healed after being prayed for.

A young welsh woman was simply blown away that God would know her chosen career exactly. It "freaked her out" in a really great way and planted a seed for Holy Spirit to water for further encounters with a loving God. Grey Lyn Stall

A lady who had come in to see us several times over the years, who believed in so many things and had a whole heap of ideas rattling around in her head but had never had the incredible opportunity to experience His love, joy and peace – she was one of many that truly encountered God in a tangible way!

One young man got really excited about the word of knowledge he received about making a difference in a whole community. He then informed us that he was training to be a Doctor and had a heart for South America.

A witch, who had struggled with a past relationship because she had done some sort of ritual, and felt that she could not get out of what she had done, was ecstatic when she was set free!

A young woman who was experiencing an entity visiting her at night, turning lights on and off, received the tools to deal with that and to enable her to feel safe with the One who would set her free.

Grey Lynn DiscussionsThere were so many people with so many different needs – all of them desperately wanting love, hope and an authentic spiritual experience. They got to learn how to hear from God for themselves. and to know that this need not just be a onetime thing - it could be an ongoing encounter/relationship that would see them recognise their created value!

We wish that over 50 people didn't have to miss out, but we just could not keep up with the queues of people hungry to discover more about their spiritual journey. It was an incredible day, with extravagant love poured into so many hearts! Yay God!!

Jesus demonstrated again and again that loving people to life was not a formula, it was not hard and it was certainly never boring! It is certainly no different for the XP Revelations Team, as we go out and about, representing the One who is Love to people everywhere who are longing to hear this amazing Good News!

October 2013

Light Belongs In The Darkness!

"Light belongs in the Darkness" is a book by Patricia King and a wonderful truth for believers to grasp. Our God is light, life and love and we are made in His image and are becoming like Him. Christ is being formed in us, so we should be looking "attractive" to everyone and especially to those that are yet to believe.

11th October - Wise Cicada, Newmarket

Wise Cicada staff with ErinHow many times have you had a dream that has shown you that you will be discovering new dimensions in some aspect of your spiritual journey or had a dream that allows you to see beneath the surface of a situation, so that you have a heads up for the next part of your journey?

We met a young American lady touring New Zealand with her band who dreamt about a library, a wormhole, a spacecraft and lasers – to cut a long story short, this dream was showing that she was coming into a new dimension of spiritual growth.

We spoke Wise Cicada patronsto a lady that thought she had Hashimoto's disease and agreed with her that God could change this diagnosis! She left encouraged and filled with hope.

Our dreams can hold keys to help us move forward with confidence and even reveal some things that we need to watch out for. Syndromes, diseases, or any kind of infirmities are illegal interlopers and need to be put where they belong, and God is more than capable of dealing to them! It was another great day at Wise Cicada, encouraging folk through Name Readings, Dream Interpretations, Healing and Spiritual Insights!

12th October - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

"We have never met before, how can you possibly know this about me?" We hear this statement pretty much all the time. Cue the introduction to the One who knows and cares about every little detail in every single person'sNight Market life, no matter where they come from or what they believe! This may be the person's first experience on their spiritual journey or they may already have firm beliefs, but to know that there is One who loves them so much that He would share details to those that believe in Him causes any preconceived ideas about God to fly out the window – other than that He is good and He really, really loves them!

With around 25 people through – Muslim, Catholic, Christian, Baha'i and many more, we saw God speak to each one of them just what they needed to hear at that particular time – whether through a dream interpretation, experiencing freedom from pain, words that would propel them into their destiny, or just plain old encouragement. So, just like the ancient story regarding the Samaritan woman at the well, these ones left with uplifted hearts filled with fresh hope, knowing that God has a plan and a purpose for them.


26th October - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

We are tired of 'the supernatural' getting a bad rap! Too many people are either afraid, because of what they have seen or heard at the movies, or the darker aspect has been romanticized and drawn people into believing that death, destruction and monsters are okay as long as these dark entities have moral perspectives. So it is really wonderful to be able to present to them the authentic supernatural from a life giving and positive viewpoint.

One of the youngest we had through the stall on Saturday night was a beautiful Maori girl struggling with nightmares – from watching too many horror movies. She was drawn to the darker side of the supernatural even at age 11. When she discovered that there was a light and powerful alternative that brought hope and life and 'real' love she got excited, as she had only seen and heard "religious, boring stuff" and certainly nothing positive connected to the supernaturaNight Market discussionl through her upbringing.

Occasionally our dreams can influence what we do, where we go, and how we should proceed. One lady had dreamt about starting her own business a month or so ago, and this dream gave her just what she needed to bite the bullet and she now has a successful small business up and running.

'Chasing' dreams can not only mean someone is trying to get away from something negative in their life, but also that they are being intentionally directed right into the next part of their journey.

Many of the people that come into the stall have had experiences that they simply can't explain away by natural means. One lovely young Asian lady told me her boyfriend who was DJing at the market had just woken up and seen a young woman with long blonde curly hair come and touch him on the shoulder and kiss him on the cheek. He was quite stressed at the time but was super encouraged and excited at the thought that it may have been an angel reassuring him.

September 2013

A Month of Divine Appointments!

13th September - Wise Cicada, Newmarket

Re-presenting God from a perspective of love and grace to folk that have walked a mile in the other direction from anything God/Jesus/Christian oriented in the past is something that we get to do on a very regular basis and we love seeing peoples' lives transformed! Wise Cicada

We had an incredibly touching time with a lady coming in to Wise Cicada not really believing in God, but she had two Prophetic Dreams that were very clearly 'spiritual' and sent from God to encourage her in a horrific situation at work. After trying to be strong on her own for some time she realised that God really loved her, truly cared about her and after many tears and hugs and a fresh understanding of who God really is she left completely transformed, and it was visibly clear that a huge weight had been removed from her – she now knew from her second dream that she had all the authority, even as a brand new believer!

Another lady who had been cherry picking from various beliefs but had an understanding of God was saying how God had been highlighting the need for her to intentionally love others better. When she discovered this was something that she couldn't work up or do on her own, and saw God in a new light, she became so excited by the fact that Love was a person, and that all the books and teachings in the world would never be enough to transform the way she felt about people. She discovered that Jesus was in the business of transforming lives and the next book she was going to purchase was The Mirror Bible, with a particular focus on 1 Corinthians 13.

14th September - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

At the Night Market Night Marketwe saw many folk, and two in particular stood out; two beautiful Hindu ladies came in, having been past our stall several times before but we were too busy and no one was available to speak with them, but tonight, thanks to the Rugby and the weather, we were a little quieter. These beautiful women came in with the weight of the world on their shoulders but learnt that they could hear God for themselves, and that He cared about their physical and personal situations. This was doubly brought home to them when on their way out another team member shared a word he had written down prior to coming (not knowing what some of the other team had shared) that confirmed everything they had just been told. The two ladies left our stall super excited!

Many of the people that come to see us would not ever enter a church, or actually even be normally interested in speaking about God. But we find that by making ourselves available outside the four walls, and just by being authentic and showing that we care without any agenda, any misconceptions they had about God and believers are quickly removed. This happens as His Spirit touches theirs and brings healing, freedom and complete transformation by His love.


28th September - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

We constantly see folk while we are out and about that have been 'set up' by a God who loves them so dearly, and Saturday night was no different. We are now in a new spot at the Auckland Night Market as we were the only non-food stall in the food court, but people still managed to find us.

It was really wonderful to see a young lady first up on Saturday night that we had the chance to speak to a couple of weeks ago. We had spoken healing for her mum who had cancer and encouraged them both with words of knowledge. Her mum had left in tears, and Night Market 2because she had very little English we weren't exactly sure if they were 'good tears'! The young woman started to cry the minute she walked into the stall this time and proceeded to tell us that her mother could not explain the tears, and now neither could she. When she realised that it was God touching her spirit she cried even more and was open to hearing the amazing good news about Jesus and how much He cares for her and her Mum. The tears dried up and one very happy believer walked out! Yay Jesus!!

We had 2 nurses in our stall receiving spiritual insights when a young woman fell to the ground and began to have a fit outside the stall. One of our team is also a nurse, so with three nurses, Andrew calling the ambulance and everyone praying, the young woman was in good hands and went to get checked out thoroughly at the hospital …….we love how God sets up divine appointments all around.

Another young woman came in from out of town with a dream she had around 10 years ago about a house, a volcano and riding the lava waves to safety. She was all excited because she was actually staying in the house that night from her dream, it was very clear that God had His hand on her life, leading her and guiding her – even if she hadn't completely comprehended that before.

It was another night of adventure with our God who is into the 'restoration business' big time, showing people how incredible they really are, restoring hope and faith, transforming their broken hearts and bodies and helping them to see their created value.


August 2013

We Were Meant to Live For So Much More!

This is the first line of the chorus of an old Switchfoot song and applicable both for those that know God and those that are yet to meet Him. Earlier this month we saw some folk crossing the chicken line and learning to be love in their sphere of influence, after a day of training at 'Outside the Walls', and see God use them to show and speak hope and life into the people that come into the XP Revelations Stall. Seeing the people on the receiving end realise that there is so much more to life than they are currently experiencing never, ever gets old!

9th August - Wise Cicada Newmarket

Sometimes Wise Cicadawe get to interpret dreams, and sometimes we get to help people "Dream Build" for their future and today we got the opportunity to speak with a lady that was just plain tired out and so busy giving out to her family and friends that to have someone spend some time speaking into her life was a breath of fresh air for her.

Another lady was encouraged by the prophetic Destiny Picture Cards that showed her journey of freedom and also echoed what had been happening in her dreams (night visions).

Getting to know some of the staff here has been one of the highlights of spending time at Wise Cicada and we usually end up speaking into at least one of them every time we visit, and today was no different. It is wonderful how God knows just what is needed every time and how a Word of Knowledge and/or wise counsel can bring peace and freedom into the most difficult of situations.

10th August - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

All people are looking for love, to be honoured, and longing for hope for their future, and we get the incredible opportunity to introduce them to the One who is Hope and Love every 2nd and 4th Saturday down at the Auckland Night Markets and to see the huge impact God's Hope and Love has in so many lives is the best thing ever!

After a great day of learning how to become love at 'Outside the Walls' we got to put it into practice with around 30 people who came through the stall on Saturday night. We don't ever set out to make people cry but when God's Spirit in us, and their spiritually hungry and often hurting spirits collide, tears will often be the result. A Night Market 1beautiful hurting ex-Catholic was incredibly touched, hearing words from strangers who knew all about her, and she began to see God in a fresh way and to tangibly feel His great love for her.

A wonderful caring pre-school teacher did not realise her dreams that would start out in colour and end up in black and white, and become quite frightening, had been hijacked by negative forces wanting to distract her from her amazing destiny. Once she discovered that she could pray and take authority in these situations she left excited, equipped and confident that God would deal with these scary dreams, and the other great dreams, once deciphered, would enable her to move forward with her life in peace and with hope for her future.

The stall holders behind gave us a huge hug, thankful that we were back, and said they loved having us as neighbours and a couple of other stall holders were greatly blessed by Words of Destiny and Spiritual Insights. It is so great getting to know these wonderful folk and we love the sense of close community that we are experiencing!

24th August - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

"You were meant to live for so much more!" I still love that Switchfoot song and it is incredibly relevant to all those we meet when we are at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga. With around 30 through the stall on Saturday we had the opportunity to speak hope, show love and release healing, whether it was physical or emotional, and it was great to see a lady that had difficulty in walking, feel tingling in her foot and leave pain free.

We love seeing folk come back on a regular basis and Night Market 2getting to build relationship with them and what often happens is they bring back their friends and family. With some of the teenagers that come it is great seeing them feel safe enough to share things with us that they are too afraid to share with their parents, and get some loving perspective from "their other mothers and fathers" in the stall!

We have had the pleasure of getting to know both the Mum and daughter of one little family quite well, and we saw the Dad receive healing for migraines which were sustained from horrific injuries while in the military overseas. This beautiful Dad and husband has been reticent in opening up and now has seen the God whom he felt kept him safe through that traumatic period of his life continue to pour out His love and healing and give him renewed hope for his and his family's future. It is priceless seeing people from every nation, age-group and background experience real freedom, peace and love and truly discover that they were meant to live for so much more!

July 2013

Every Month is A Great Month with God!

July has been a great month – actually every single month is a great one because each month we get to meet heaps of different people from all walks of life, both at the Markets and at Wise Cicada, and we have the pleasure of seeing them respond to the love of God via all the creative ways He has inspired us with - Dream Interpretation, Cards of Destiny, Identity Bracelets, Name Readings, Spiritual Cleansing, Spiritual Encounters and, of course, Healing!


12th July - Wise Cicada

This was predominantly a "Dream" day at Wise Cicada on Friday, with one lady discovering that a recurring dream about clock towers, bridges and observing others riding tsunami waves was really speaking about her wondering when it would beWise Cicada her time to connect or move into a place where she would be the one riding the waves of favour and success, and it helped to bring clarity to enable her to begin stepping into the amazing destiny ahead of her.

What would you think if you had dreams of snakes biting, but ultimately you were able to defeat them? This actually means that you have the ability to overcome negative scenarios. A laughing toddler in a lady's arms meant joy in nurturing newly established gifts in her life – these were great dreams and they were clearly showing progression in this lady's journey. These were just a few of the many dreams the folk that visit Wise Cicada are having! These may spark an "aha" moment in your life, too. Is there a possibility that your dreams are nudging you into a place that is above and beyond what you can even imagine?

13th July - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

God's ways of showing how much He loves His kids are infinite and we are extremely thankful that we get to be a part of sharing His love on a regular basis. What would you think if you had a "matrix" dream with words scrolling by instead of numbers? While we were still setting up around 4pm we had the opportunity to speak with one such young man and he was rapt to realise that he was receiving revelation from another realm, and it was just within his grasp!

We were asked to make sure that our banner was fixed another way so thanks to the warehouse and duct tape we fixed this for them and on the way back I noticedNight Market 1 a large queue at the psychic's table and (cheekily and discreetly) happened to mention there were free readings around the corner - two ladies followed me back to the stall and one of these beautiful women helped put the sign up while the other discovered hope and peace on her journey to discover the "authentic God.

An Indian chef with psoriasis on his hand received relief, and we got to see our little 3 1/2 year old Colombian/Kiwi friend for around the 3rd time, whose ability to speak has improved immensely. We continue to believe for a miracle for her eyes and that she will walk, while being thankful to God for freedom from pain for her Mum!

We spoke in depth with a lovely Chinese couple visiting from Hong Kong and discussed dreams, and met their daughter who is studying in Auckland. By the time they left it felt as if we had known each other for weeks instead of an hour, and this seems to be happening regularly with many that come through the stall.

We saw around 30 people last night and each time we go to the Markets or wherever, it never ever gets old. We love how incredible it is to meet with folk of every race and belief who are hungry for that deep spiritual connection, both with us and their Creator!

27th July - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

"How did you do that?" is a question that we are very familiar with, whether it is Healing or Words of Knowledge fromNight Market 2 the people that come through the stall at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga. This then gives us the opportunity to share how much God truly loves them and cares about their situation. First up for the night was one young guy who had torn his tendon on Thursday and was going home to rest up – he walked out with his tendon completely healed and no pain whatsoever! A young man came through and had the word "Entrepreneur" spoken over him. He then informed us that he had been named "Entrepreneur of the Year" and was simply stunned that God would know this, and promptly went and got his Mum to come in for some encouragement too!

Around 35 people got to experience hope for their future, had their dreams interpreted, along with receiving understanding on why they got particular tattoos and what that meant for them, and most important of all… they got to encounter the true reality and love of God! Yep, July has been a great month!

June 2013

The Love of God always Wins!

God's love speaks life; it gives hope and releases people into their destiny. What is their destiny? To be set free from burdens, to receive Good News, to be able to see and recognise that they are truly loved by the God of the Universe!


8th June - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

The All Blacks won, Yay, and it was a huge win for the 30 or so that came through the stall last night!

A lady and her daughter were curious about the Menu Board.Night Market no1 The Destiny Card she picked was Shine, her name meant "gold" and her shoulder pain went from a 6/10 down to a zero - one of the many precious moments from the night.

A girl came in limping and walked out healed.

Two brothers received encouraging words and one had prayer for spinal problems. He received minimal relief, but later in the night they came back and the other brother, who we did not pray for, was totally healed from his own back pain!

A lady with abdominal pain was completely healed.

Another lady that was initially a little unsure of everything received a word of knowledge about being in admin and opportunities opening up for her. It turned out that she was going for an interview on Thursday and was feeling a little unsure of herself, so she was hugely encouraged.

It has been so amazing seeing two beautiful young ladies that we have spoken with before being transformed by God's love, particularly through dream interpretation and prayer.

It was another amazing night seeing the love of God touch many different people in many different ways.


14th June - Wise Cicada

A Word of Knowledge, Wise CicadaA Word of Destiny - are they of less value than a dramatic healing or signs, wonders and miracles? For some reason we tend to compare them but thankfully the One who is Love, and knows exactly what each individual needs at any given time, doesn't and pours out His goodness to bring hope, renewed vision and courage to those who are hungry for truth.

A young woman, who is the owner and founder of a well known Jewellery Company, stopped to chat about her spiritual journey and received a word of destiny to help build on the dreams that have already been established in her life and business. That made it a great day!

I heard an encouraging word back from another lady that has different beliefs, telling me she has been so blessed by the way we re-present Biblical Truths in such a fresh way to all faiths by building bridges, and that she can see this bringing unity and spiritual awakening to this nation. That was the icing on the cake!


22nd June - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

How amazing it is to see people of every age, belief and race touched by the love of the One whose goodness knows no end!

Over 20 people flowed through the stall, with unfortunately just as many turned away due to the fact that there were only two of us there on Saturday night. It is so much more than exciting! (We can never seem to find appropriate adjectives to explain what happens when we get to share in Night Market 2releasing the extreme Goodness of God.)

We saw teenagers getting tangibly touched when they had a Spiritual Encounter with love, joy, peace and hope. It was particularly amazing when some came in having experienced terrible pain and trauma in their young lives and then left knowing that they have incredible futures filled with endless possibilities ahead of them. The look of astonishment when they realised that God knows and cares about every detail of their life was absolutely priceless.

The parting comment from a young man who had recently finished his post grad in science and psychology, and spent quite some time throwing out question after question as he was sincerely seeking for truth, was "I really want to ******* believe like you do and I'll be back!" That turned the tables after this long and "challenging" chat, and the astonishment was on our faces, along with a "Wahoo" moment inside, as we knew that Wairua Tapu had been working overtime!


May 2013

The God of "So Much More!"

We hear a variation of this comment so often at the Auckland Night Markets and at Wise Cicada. "I only came in to get something to eat or purchase and I Groups at Night Marketreally did not expect this!" "This" being the opportunity to pick something off the XP Revelations Menu Board and receive insight, encouragement, healing and love from the Creator of the Universe – wow that sounds huge……..and it is! They get to experience His love and goodness and they never leave the same.

These stories that you hear are huge in the individuals' lives that come through our stall and every one of them are able to move forward with greater confidence into their destiny, knowing they are valued and that they have immense treasure within them. We get to do this every second and fourth Saturday of the month with anywhere from 20-80 people a night and see seeds sown, lives transformed, people well loved – and to be a part of that is truly incredibly amazing!

11th May - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

Most people that come to the Auckland Night Market in Pakuranga expect to find good international food and a bit of fun with family and friends. Those that stop by our stall get so much more. Healing and Words of Destiny were at the top of the menu last Saturday night. For the guy at the front of the stall that had his clavicle healed instantly it enabled him to show how he could now freely swing his arms around and then caused the second guy (not with him at all) who was watching the whole thing to ask if the pain that he had in his shoulder could be healed, and God obliged immediately!

Words of knowledge People helped at Night Marketand Words of Destiny went hand in hand with Dream Building and we had a few folk come in looking for hope and guidance for their futures that were released to be able to begin the process of pursuing their passions and dreams. To see someone light up as they receive inspiration from another realm is so much fun.

To be able to connect with the mother of one of the young girls we had seen the fortnight before was a precious time for the family and the team that were involved in seeing God speak life, hope and love into their current situation. These are just a few snippets of the "so much more" that only touch very briefly on how our supernatural God loves to transform lives.


25th May - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

We had the pleasure of having Jeannie, John and Simon helping us out last Saturday night and even though it was a really wet and miserable night outside, it was another incredible night at the Auckland Night Markets. Around 20 plus braved the weather and ended up in our stall – all excited/curious to discover what treasures might be hidden within them. New Zealand is filled with so many talented and creative people, young and old alike – I am sure that most of No Pain Signthem come into our stall and all were looking to experience an authentic connection spiritually!

It was a 'shoulder night' yet again, with a lady healed and a 'young man' receiving freedom from pain and full mobility by simply holding the "No Pain" sign and getting his photo taken.

I so wish we could explain the thrill (for us and them) when we see God's manifested Kingdom via Words of Destiny, Healing, Spiritual Insights, Spiritual Encounters etc absolutely floor people that may have never experienced Him before, and how amazing it is to see someone discover that their dream (parable in the night) is truly one that could totally alter their lives and propel them into their destiny! To see ones who have been through traumatic and dark times get to experience real freedom and authentic love is really the best thing ever!!!!!


April 2013

the Month of Extra Opportunities! (To show the Love of God)

April was yet another opportunity to show the love of God Evangelism Trainingto people from all walks of life and the fact that we got to do an extra night at the markets, and therefore see Him touch more people, made it even more fun! This month was chock filled with others wanting to learn how to become love in their sphere of influence and join with us at the Markets. It was so much fun with the Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry team from both Whangarei and Bethel, Redding, Jackie, George and the team (who are looking at going into the Papatoetoe Markets), and Simon Wilson and Paul Currie's Chateau de Peninsula group (and some on Skype), and we are looking forward to hearing their stories as they go about life sharing how incredible God is and seeing lives completely transformed!

6th April - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

What does it look like when we become love to the world around us? What happens when His kids go out to love people without any other agendas? What happens when you put the XP Revelations team together with the BSSM Whangarei and International team……….. A Love Revolution!

Sharing at Night MarketLove doesn't just make people feel better - it transforms them, and we saw that in action at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga, where so many lives were touched, transformed and people were physically and emotionally healed by the love and power of Jesus. Jesus IS Love and we were created to be just like Him and express that wherever we go, and we sure had fun doing that on Saturday night.

So many people just don't know yet who they are, and when they get to meet with His kids that do know, it is inevitable that they will get to experience incredible goodness and supernatural love. One young Mum came in for spiritual insights and also received a small measure of freedom from pain of endometriosis – she came back an hour later, all the pain had completely vanished and she was thrilled to bits at being free from pain for the first time in so long! Loads of knees healed, arch healed, heel healed (lol), several ex drug addicts given encouragement by dream interpretations, spiritual insights etc. So many people experienced the tangible presence of God in joy peace and of course LOVE – around 50 through the stall and countless around and outside the stall all getting to taste the extreme love of God in some form or another. Thanks so much BSSM team – we loved loving others with you!

13th April - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

It is always a heap of fun for the XP Revelations Team at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga, but even more fun when we have others with us that are learning about becoming love! It never ceases to amaze us how accurate words of knowledge break down barriers and we saw this many times on Saturday night.

We saw this in particular with three individual Night Market Signyoung Maori women who God was encouraging in their vocations, as well as bringing restoration, so they could move forward from broken promises into a future that held hope and trust. Sometimes it is more fun watching the friend sitting next to them whose mouths seem to hit the floor as they also get to experience the incredible love of God as He very clearly reveals how much He loves them.

A spiritualist had significant decrease of pain in her joints from head to toe and increased movement as tested on the stairs outside the stall. Many dream interpretations again revealed giftings and amazing opportunities ahead for both young and old alike. One young Muslim girl received an instant decrease from pain in her knee from a 6/10 to a 1/10 while her Dad and sister were hugely encouraged by the Destiny Word Cards as they waited, and lastly, near midnight, a man we spoke to the week before hobbled in (because he needed a hip replacement) to discover more about Jesus and danced out free from pain and looking forward to his future!

Each week it is so different as each person that comes into the stall has different needs, but everyone that comes in always leaves being touched by God's love and goodness in some way or another – all with a fresh and new perspective of who He really is!

19th April - Wise Cicada

I thought that today I may only see one person, as the first lady was with me the whole time I am usually there, which is fine by me as I always believe that every person I Wise Cicadaget to speak with is a divine set up by God. Then I got to encourage another with a dream interpretation, followed by a lady who came in initially with a fairly downcast demeanor. It felt a little like she was saying "Well what have you got for me!" By the end of her time with me, she was smiling and had hope for her future that God would deal to the liver disease that she had been battling. By the end of that session it was well into the afternoon and I had packed up most of the gear when two very young teenage girls came in and the Father's heart was poured out yet again as I spoke healing over them for eating disorders and encouraged them with words of destiny for their future. Honestly, nothing compares to seeing His love speak life into those that need a miracle.

27th April - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

"Coincidence or Divine Appointments?" – We will leave you to decide, but whatever you think, we found that the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga started humming really early last night, with a huge influx of people very early on, so it was wonderful having George, Jacqui and Kathryn with us to help out. We saw over 30 people – each person hoping for something special for either their current set of circumstances or for their future.

One lady whoSharing in small groups came in with only partial hearing and walked out being able to hear clearly was so excited that she had the ability to be able to hear her phone ring for the first time ever that she brought her son and husband in to receive from God too!

"Coincidence" No: 1 – A young woman came into the stall not realising that we were the same people that she had been sending in dreams to for around a year now through the "Dreams" website www.dreams.org.nz (She is just beginning to search for her spiritual identity) and it was so incredibly touching to see God speak to both her and her friend and remove obstacles that had been preventing them from moving forward into their destinies. We ran out of tissues.

"Coincidence" No: 2 A young girl and her cousin, who were enormously encouraged on their spiritual journey, discovered that her Mother went to school with one of the team (in a different part of New Zealand many moons ago) – it's a small world!

There are so many lonely people out there just needing to know that they are loved and are not alone, and that God really is good and He loves them so very much - He will never leave them, never abuse them physically or emotionally and never let them down. For some we get the awesome opportunity to help them discover their created value and to speak life into them so that they can be completely released with confidence into their true identity.

God knows just what is needed for each and every individual that comes through the stall and He loves to pour out His goodness and love above and beyond what we even expect…..we are so blessed and immensely thankful to have this amazing opportunity – thank you God!

March 2013

9th March - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

Loving people is what God does best and He loves to do that through us, so with around 30 people through the stall last night we saw Him pour out His love, comfort, peace and healing power.

The challenges People sharing at Night Marketsome people are facing can seem so overwhelming and we are thankful for this incredible opportunity to encourage and bring Gods presence into their situations. We saw people stunned as specific details were revealed at just how much He truly does care for every single aspect of their lives. From young teenagers to mature adults and again every nationality that you can think of – they are ALL people with whom He longs to have close relationship and see released into the fullness of their destiny and it was wonderful that many got to see Him truly as a loving Father for the first time last night. Much of what they tell us is so very personal and often quite traumatic and so can't always be shared publically.

The hunger to experience God and to truly know Him, and not just about Him, is increasing and there seems to be a huge spiritual awakening happening in our little corner of the marketplace.

23rd March - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

It was so wonderful to see around 20 people really excited about getting "Outside the Walls" and some of them learning to become love for those that they spent time with in the stall.

Religion sucks – it never brings life and freedom, and lots of people got to understand the difference between religion and having a true relationship with God, with so many getting to experience Jesus in an authentic way. Healing Sign - No Pain

Physical healings are a regular occurrence in the Market and on Saturday we saw improvements with smashed ankles and hamstrings. Every week we have people come in desperate for hope in their current circumstances and they not only find this, but discover that they also have an incredible destiny ahead of them via Dream Interpretation, Name Readings, Spiritual Encounters and Spiritual Insights.

God loves all His kids and many have walked away, not so much because of Him but because they have been deeply wounded by others, and what an incredible privilege it is to see them come into a place of emotional and spiritual freedom! Seeing restoration on so many levels is just amazing!


February 2013

February Dreaming

It seems that February has been a month for having dreams and getting them interpreted, both at the Night Markets and at Wise Cicada. God said that He would pour His Spirit out on ALL men and women and they would dream dreams and have visions - with the increase of dreams it is such a wonderful opportunity for us to show how much He loves ALL people.

8th February - Wise CicadaWise Cicada Dream Interpretation

The most popular item on the Menu today were "Dreams" and people wondering if those dreams about Self/Soul are really significant. Some of the ladies I spoke with today at Wise Cicada definitely found that hidden in their dreams were messages that could help bring clarity and encouragement in both their personal and spiritual journeys - messages from another realm, that show God loves to encourage us even while we sleep.

Sometimes we just need a little help unlocking what He is trying to say, but when we do we discover that there are keys for dealing with our daily issues and sometimes even for walking into the fullness of our destiny!

9th February - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

Rheumatoid Night Market sharingarthritis, scoliosis, lower back pain x 2, arthritis in the knee x 2 – Pain was dealt to at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga on Saturday night. A man holding up our picture with the no-pain sign while he was being photographed was completely dumbstruck when the pain immediately left …..without prayer!!!

The lady that had improvement with the Rheumatoid arthritis did not come to the Market expecting to meet with God, but she had just prayed that morning for peace and was brought to tears by the overwhelming peace and love of God enveloping her.

There were 'flying' dreams, 'giving birth' dreams, 'white bird' dreams and oh so many more, with people from Italy, Japan, South Africa, Samoa, India, Turkey, Thailand and even New Zealand lol. Many of these dreams were 'calling' or 'destiny' dreams that had incredibly strong spiritual significance, and the dreamers left excited and hopeful about their future, and deeply encouraged in their spiritual journey.

The icing on the cake was one of our team bumping into a guy while out on Sunday that we had prayed for at the Market at the end of last year who had a very painful wrist – the pain decreased that night and was totally healed 2 days later! So good to hear great reports from previous Markets! Things that have been stolen returned, lives that have been destroyed restored – so cool getting to be a part of releasing God's love and power – NOW THAT IS THE KINGDOM!

23rd February - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

It all started with a Dream………………

Dreamer No. 1
A young Buddhist man had a dream on Friday night thatNight Market group someone was knocking at his door. This literally woke him up so he went to check if there was someone there, but there wasn't anybody…. that he could see, anyway. He felt to come to the Market on the Saturday night – not for the food, as he wasn't hungry, and came in by the entrance right next to our stall, bowled on up and we sent him to speak with one of the team where he received accurate words of knowledge and prophetic encouragement for his future. Another team member joined them and he also received a spiritual encounter where He was overwhelmed by God's presence. When the dream was interpreted that it was actually God trying to get his attention and exactly the same words of knowledge were spoken over him that the other team member had said, his head and heart were spinning. A prophetic word about him being creative (he was a burnt out investment banker) and being into photography, focusing specifically on sunrises and sunsets, caused his mouth to drop open. This was his "private" passion that only his girlfriend knew about, and he proceeded to show us the many pictures of sunrises and sunsets on his phone. When he heard that God loved him so much, and that this whole past 24 hours was a divine set up, he knew this without a shadow of a doubt and was ready to hear the incredible good news about Jesus. He believed and is now following Jesus!

Dreamer No.2
Night Market sharing 2A Tongan woman came in having had dreams about her Mum who had recently passed, and Granddad who had passed some time ago, who showed her these amazing ancient writings that initially in the dream she could not understand, but after her Granddad explained what it was in the dream, it appeared that she could. Initially she thought that they were really visiting her but the interpretation revealed that she was receiving a spiritual legacy and that the baton was being passed onto her. The Granddad was a minister who moved in healing, and a word of knowledge revealed that she had put her beliefs on the shelf for the time being, but the dream encouraged her to pick them up and walk into the fullness of her destiny. She also received instant freedom from pain in her knee and we didn't even get to pray for the pain in her back, which went when we prayed for her knee! P.S. God also dealt to back pain x 3 , painful hands and the 40 plus people who came through the stall tonight all received His love, His peace and then some!

Dreams are a powerful and significant way that God chooses to communicate to people with, even if they are yet to believe in Him, and we are thankful for every opportunity we get to share the incredible Good News and demonstrate His love and power.


January 2013

New Year, New People, & More Opportunities for God to pour out His Extreme Love!

12th January - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

Pakuranga Night MarketEvery single person that comes through the XP Revelations stall is absolutely amazing, it doesn't matter who they are - whether they are Wiccan, Hindu, Buddhist, or just not sure what they believe, or if they believe in anything.

God always, always wants them to know that they are valued and loved! Sometimes He does that by healing them, or by giving them an interpretation of a dream that they have been wondering about that helps them find solutions to difficult circumstances. Sometimes He gives people Spiritual Encounters where they get to experience peace in a way they never have before. It could be Spiritual Cleansing which sees them freed from dark forces that have been plaguing them or it could be their first experience with anything spiritual and the supernatural from a 'positive' perspective.

Our first night for 2013 was all of the above and then some, with around 30 plus through that got to see, feel and hear how much God loves them in one way or another!

18th January - Wise CicadaWise Cicada Outreach

What a great day at Wise Cicada; we were kept busy till around 4pm today! The first lady through was searching for truth amongst the many paths available; I love it when divine appointments are handed to you on a plate! Having your teeth fall out can seem like quite a distressing dream, but when it was explained to the dreamer that wisdom may be needed for her current set of circumstances, she visibly relaxed and could completely relate, and after prayer for peace and wisdom she felt capable of dealing with anything. Words of Destiny and Name Readings were definitely hot picks on the menu, with many encouraged from these.

Papa loves to show people how much He loves them, even if they don't know it yet, by seeing them set free from physical pain. One lady immediately saw pain leave her sore arm and its mobility was restored, and her friend who had titanium bolts, sore hip and was walking with a cane, saw a great improvement and had relief from the pain.

Love in action…..is there anything better?

26th January - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

Extravagant, Over-the-top, Off the scale - these are all words to describe how God poured His love out over the 50 plus people who came through XP Revelations stall at the Auckland Night Market Pakuranga on Saturday night!

Four Indian ladies came through, 3 that needed healing, 2 with intense 10/10 and 8/10 foot pain saw instantaneous healing with the daughter feeling instant relief from the itching of severe eczema. We are looking forward to hearing back from the many more that needed to check out their broken arms, epilepsy etc.

A young Japanese lady who had never experienced God was visibly touched as she received joy, peace and love from a Spiritual Encounter with God, and strong words of knowledge revealed to her the God who loves and cares about every detail of her and her boyfriend's lives.

There are not enough superlatives, as well as space, to tell you how much God invaded our little corner of the Market. Although there were only 3 of us there, God demonstrated His love and power Big Time!

If this excites you and you are keen to experience this first hand we will be holding another training "Outside the Walls" in March where you can learn and then participate in the Market with us…watch this space for dates or email us at dreams@xtra.co.nz for further details.


December 2012

'Tis Always the Season to Be Love! Night Market 1

To say that the XP Revelations team have thoroughly enjoyed all the amazing opportunities that we have had to show and be love to all those that we have come across, is almost an understatement. There is nothing like sharing His Extreme Love, whether at the Auckland Night Markets, Wise Cicada or just out and about.





12th December - Auckland Night Markets, PakurangaNight Market 2

'Tis always the season to be love! This was the last Auckland Night Market at Pakuranga for the 2012 and as always we saw people encounter God where they needed it most for their current set of circumstances. One lovely young couple had been battling with thoughts of suicide and were visibly touched and did not want to leave as they were hearing life and hope in the words, destiny and prayers spoken over them.

With over 50 people coming through the stall we saw many receive encouraging words from the Destiny Cards and healing for one man's ankle and another's shoulder.

It has been an awesome opportunity to spend 2012 at the Markets sharing God's love with those of all ages, races and beliefs. We are looking forward to returning in 2013 on January 12th.


14th December - Wise Cicada

This was our last visit to Wise Cicada for 2012. It has been so wonderful having the opportunity to be available to interpret folks' dreams and see lives impacted by sharing the love of God as they pick from our 'Spiritual Menu'. We had our 'regular time' with one of the ladies from Wise Cicada, who is such a delight and we have really enjoyed getting to know her over the past few months. A young student from South Africa sat down with us while his friend was in getting some help from the Naturopath. They both ended up chatting with us and were encouraged from both Words of Destiny and a dream that Helen shared that she had, which was for the other young South African. An elderly lady kept exclaiming how amazing it was that she decided to come into the café/shop today, never expecting to be blessed on her spiritual journey.

The team is having a break until the 12th January next year which is when the first market is. If you have been inspired by reading these testimonies and are interested in learning how easy and how much fun it is to share the Extreme Love of Jesus, please don't hesitate to contact Erin/Andrew at dreams@xtra.co.nz and we would be more than happy to discuss "Outside the Walls" training with you or your group.

Merry Christmas

The XP Revelations team would like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


November 2012

How wonderful it is to see people set free and released into the plans and purposes that God has for them. To see them freed from sickness, pain, fear and anything that prevents them from walking freely into their destiny!

10th November - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

Pakuranga Night Market SignThe authentic love of God deals to 'religion' every time – and that is what we saw happening on Saturday night at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga. One beautiful young couple that had been together for 3 years were battling against the young woman's parent's beliefs which were not only trying to tear them apart but also caused them to tell her that she had caused her father's heart attack. Our God brought peace, truth and hope into this broken young couple and the young woman could finally see light through her tears. Another beautiful young couple, a Christian girl, secure in her faith, and a young man looking at another faith trying to find truth amongst hypocrisy, also found hope and encouragement for their destiny together and in Him. Finally a young couple battered by well meaning people in their Church, where the young woman was sadly told that she was going to hell because of a dream she had shared, was completely set free! Thank you Jesus for being Love, Grace, Light, Truth, Hope and Comforter to those that desperately need You!

23rd November - Wise Cicada

This was another gorgeous day sitting in Wise Cicada with the sun streaming in where we sat having our monthly opportunity to share the Son with those that came in for spiritual guidance in their journey from options on the menu. One incredible incident was when Helen and I were talking about a dream I had had just the night before where I received words of knowledge that someone needed healing in their body – a man that had been listening to our conversation had no hesitation in piping up that the word was for him and we had the privilege of praying for him and commanding cancer to leave his body.

24th November - Auckland Night Markets, Pakuranga

What started out as a quiet night for the Auckland Night Night Market StallMarket in Pakuranga sure finished with a bang around midnight! Dreams with Words of Knowledge that lead to healing and 3 people from one stall visiting ours. The first girl came in wanting her dream to be interpreted and one of the XP Revelations team who had a dream a couple of nights prior shared a dream with her and asked if there was anyone with any pain from their particular stall. She promptly went and brought a young man back followed by another lady later in the evening – all three were greatly impacted by the healing, words of knowledge, dream interpretation and words of destiny spoken over their lives. Again it is so wonderful to share God's love and grace with many different folk, regardless of their beliefs, and to see them truly impacted by those who are willing to be His hands and His feet.


October 2012

12th October - Wise CicadaWise Cicada shop

We love going to Wise Cicada and it is even better when they try a new barista out on us for free! It isalways wonderful meeting new people and hearing their spiritual journeys, even if theirs differs from ours. They are looking for hope, truth and freedom and we have that in bucket loads, so it is a great privilege to be able to encourage them. The top three favourites this time were Dream Interpretation, Name Readings and Spiritual Insights and they are always happy for us to speak or pray a blessing over them and release God's love.

13th October - Auckland Night Markets - Pakuranga

God is outrageously good and this was apparent to all of those that came through the XP Revelations stall at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga. Right from the beginning of the night we heard from the other stallPakuranga Night Market 1 holders about how impacted the man who runs the Markets was from being healed of a broken arm at the previous Market. When we caught up with him and his wife it was quite incredible how they were recommending to anyone and everyone to come and see us and that God was responsible for his healing.

Spiritual Cleansing was high on the list this particular night as we saw a couple of young men battling against Dark Dreams/Experiences encouraged and no longer being prevented from walking into their destiny. Fear got kicked out the door and was replaced by love, confidence and peace. Another young man from a stall across the way experienced a reduction from the pain in his wrist which had a metal screw in it. Many people got to experience God's presence through the team via the many options they chose from the Menu. It is such a privilege to be able to share His love in the Marketplace. Thank You God!

27th October - 'Outside the Walls' training & Auckland Night Markets - PakurangaOUtside the Walls training

We had a great day of training at Outside the Walls, and the ones that turned up fortheir first foray into the Auckland Night Market at Pakuranga were kept very, very busy! With over 50 people through the stall they picked pretty much everything off the menu and yet again we saw so many deeply impacted by God's incredible love, most for the very first time in their lives. One lady with level 8 pain in her feet was thrilled when it completely disappeared. Another lady with level 6 pain in her neck and limited movement had a significant decrease and we could see her Pakuranga Night Marketwalking away enjoying the fact that she could now freely move her head! The stories that the team could tell of sharing God's love with those searching for hope would fill pages and we feel so honoured to be able to speak into peoples' lives and see them walk in one way and leave changed.

Don't forget, if you or some folk from your church or area are interested in 'Outside the Walls' training followed by the practical session at the Markets please don't hesitate to contact us at either nz@xpmedia.com or dreams@xtra.co.nz


September 2012 - Spring has finally arrived!

Spring has finally arrived and with its arrival more and more people seem to be out and about, which means more opportunities to share the extreme love of Jesus with all that we meet.

Auckland Night Markets - Pakuranga 8th September 2012

It is never "just another Saturday night" for the XP Night Market 1Revelations Team at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga, and it is never "just another person" coming through the stall. With around 30 plus through the stall, God chose to display His extreme love in such a variety of ways. Spring was certainly well overdue for one Mum and daughter who experienced an amazing encounter with God, enabling them to move forward from the pain of losing a son/brother to suicide 2 years prior and be filled with peace and joy. Words of Knowledge paved the way for healing, with one man healed from an old back injury and another healed from terrible hip pain who watched in disbelief and then joy as her leg grew out! There are so many more stories of His goodness, each very special and unique to both God and the person on the receiving end of His extreme love, and we are so thankful for each and every one!

Wise Cicada - 14th September 2012

Our monthly Wise Cicada Shopvisit to Wise Cicada saw us talking with a beautiful young woman really desiring to learn how to hear God's voice, but was finding it difficult to find "alone time", so Helen and I got the opportunity to pray for her and talk to her about being still, even in the midst of busyness and she began to experience God's presence and peace for her then and there. Another young Mum who we regularly pray and interpret dreams for is always brought to tears each time as we release God's love to her and encourage her in regard to her destiny. The man that we got to interpret a dream for last month came back and dropped by to say "Hi", as if we were old friends – God is into building relationships!

Auckland Night Markets – Pakuranga 22nd September 2012

The team along with some extra helpers from Hope Auckland Christian Church saw around 40 + people come through the stall, some desperate for help and leaving with hope for their future and huge smiles from either the life giving Words of Destiny, Night Market 2Dream Interpretations, Healing, Spiritual Encounters, and the various other things from the Menu Board. One lady with hip displacement was healed, and another guy who had pain saw it reduced from 8 out of 10 to 3 out of ten and had great improvement with his foot to boot (Ha ha - pardon the pun). God seems to have so much fun setting up scenarios, and one in particular was where we had an Irish friend visiting the stall and 'coincidentally' a young Irish man with physical and immigration challenges came by who had no real interest in spiritual things prior to chatting with us, but left encouraged for his future here in New Zealand! All of these folk that come through truly get to experience the love of God in some form or another and we get to have yet another incredible night at the Markets! Thank You GOD!

One person commented on how amazing it is that people trust us so much and tell us such incredibly personal things. We know that they recognise the One that is within us and this makes them feel safe and desire the counsel or whatever it is that they need – they can't receive that if we don't speak to them, and we can't speak to them if we don't go Outside the Walls.

So if you or your group/church are interested in learning and experiencing some of the incredible opportunities that we have to love people, we will be doing another "Outside the Walls" training at Springs of Life Church (Formerly known as Point Chev. Baptist Church) 126 Point Chevalier Road, Point Chevalier, Auckland, on the 27th October 2012 from 10am – 3:30pm, followed by a practical session at the Auckland Night Markets in Pakuranga. Feel free to either phone us (Andrew & Erin) at 09 816 8705 or email us at dreams@xtra.co.nz We would love to have you with us!

August 2012 - And it Just Gets Better!

It really is a privilege to go out and about around Auckland sharing the extreme love of Jesus, and it just seems to get better every month!

Auckland Uni Jesus Week, 6th - 10th August

Getting to spendJesus Week 4 days at Auckland Uni, seeing the young Uni students excited about sharing their faith is simply wonderful. It was so amazing to see these ones gaining confidence, even after a few curly customers, and truly re-presenting Jesus in an authentic way. Getting to share with countless Auckland Uni students about how much God loves them is even better! We had so many really in depth conversations with the students over hot chocolate and many got to truly encounter His love in a tangible way. One scenario that truly stands out is the young girl we met last month at Orientation week, who had only stepped off the plane from China 24 hours prior. She had shared with us at the training prior to Jesus Week that the word that I had spoken over her went straight to her heart – she even remembered it - and that she loved how everyone at the club on Campus that she now attends has made her feel so welcome! This week she came out with us encouraging students to pick a card and receive an encouraging word or a Name Reading. God you are awesome!

Pakuranga Night Market, 11th August

It is awesome that the love of Jesus is absolutely unconditional and we get to see that in action every time we go to the Auckland Night Markets and the 11th August was no exception. The XP Revelations team got to speak with around 35 people from many different walksnight market 1 of life, different faiths and different nationalities and ages - from a 10 year old boy to the other extreme! One stand out group was a Maori guy, Chinese girl and a Native American Indian girl – all flat mates who were really impacted to the point of tears by the Spiritual Insights and Words of Destiny that they received, leaving the stall as if we were old friends. Holy Spirit transcends every language and culture and reaches deep into all peoples' hearts!

The 10 year old boy and his 12 year old brother who has amazing spiritual encounters was encouraged to really ask God to lead and guide him and has since been in touch with us via the www.dreams.org.nz website looking for further guidance.

Wise Cicada, 17th August

We hit the ground running with some of Wise Cicada's great coffee and people waiting for us in the small window of time that we have here! The main focus here is Dream Interpretation, but they can pick anything they like off the menu. Today was definitely a dream-filled day, though, with some incredibly spiritual dreams that pointed to both Jesus and the Ancient Hebraic Scriptures. God is speaking to ALL people, no matter what their faith, through dreams!

Pakuranga Night Market, 25th August

God simply loves to show off to His kids and through His kids, as we find out every time we are at the Night Market. night market 2From the young woman who came in with severe back pain from a damaged disc in her upper back (9 out of 10 pain) and a sore foot who got completely healed to the young 12 year old boy who we mentioned earlier who came back this week who was more than ready to begin his journey with Jesus. We saw around 30+ through the stall tonight (despite the Bledisloe Cup Game with the All Blacks) and saw so many encouraged by Dream Interpretation, Cards of Destiny, and Identity Bracelets amongst the other things on the Menu Board.

So all in all a busy month around and about in Auckland, and as always, so much fun getting to co-labour with our Dad and sharing His extreme love with all that we meet!

P.S. If this is something you and your church/group are interested in finding out about please feel free to contact Erin or Andrew at dreams@xtra.co.nz . We would love to spend time with you, training your group to feel confident about going "Outside the Walls" – preferably on either the 2nd or 4th Saturday of the month, as the training will be followed by a practical session at the Auckland Night Market.

One Weeek - Many Seeds Sown!

Wow, wow, wow! This was one busy week, but so incredible being able to have so many opportunities to share the extreme love of Jesus with so many people in a variety of different settings, scattering seeds that bring hope, love and refreshing, knowing that the Holy Spirit had set up amazing divine appointments for the people of Auckland!

14 July - Pakuranga Night Market

This was our busiest night ever and we were extremely privileged to poutside the wallshave a whole heap of folk join us from Hope Auckland Christian Church – many of them Auckland Uni Students who had been with us earlier in the day at the "Outside the Walls" training. (P.S. if you are reading this and you think that your Church/group may be interested in this training please don't hesitate to contact us at 09 8168705 Erin or Andrew)

With well over 60 people through the stall it was amazing on so many levels –

  1. Seeing God's kids excited and sharing His love confidently with those that don't know Him
  2. Seeing those that don't know Him get to experience His extreme love in so many ways for the first time!
  3. Seeing those that don't know Him get healed – emotionally and physically!
  4. Seeing those that don't know Him come to know Him!

night market 1We have discovered as we go out and about that around 75% of what we do is encouraging words, and this has been the case when we approach people, but since we have come to the markets this percentage has decreased and we have had countless opportunities to go so much night market 2deeper with people as their barriers come down, particularly through words of knowledge, words of destiny and spiritual insights.

One young guy came in with crutches, having damaged his MCL (Knee ligament), and walked out without them! The pain had reduced from a '9' down to a '2', and along with his sister and a friend they left without a shadow of a doubt that God loved them and was in the business of bringing them hope, encouragement and healing!

16th and 18th July 2012 Auckland University

We had an akl uniopportunity to be part of the Campus Christian Movement Stall for Orientation Week at Auckland University this week and spoke to many, many students. A few highlights would have been the guy who was in his final semester of Law and had no spiritual understanding prior, but was hugely encouraged after the spiritual insight he received. The other one was a group of three Dance students, one of which was a little hesitant, but after the others had received Name Readings and she overheard the name Micah, which was the scripture reference, she was keen to find out what it meant. Sadly her sister had lost her baby named Micah only a month ago and this young girl was hurting, along with her family. As we ministered to her there was a new sense of peace and reassurance that God cared about her situation and her family. There was a young Chinese student who had only hopped off the plane 24 hours prior to speaking with us. She did not believe in God but signed up to come to the meeting that Friday night as she saw the authentic love of Jesus in all those on the stall!

20th July 2012 Wise Cicada Wise Cicada New Market

This is our first time back this year and we had a great few hours encouraging several wise cicadawith Dream Interpretations and Spiritual Insights. One lady was really blessed as she discovered that there were new beginnings ahead of her and she now had the go ahead to move on from a difficult time in her life.

This was such an incredible week where we saw many people touched and changed by God speaking into their lives through the XP Revelations team and the others that joined us. We took every opportunity we could to pray a blessing over each person that we came into contact with and we know that Holy Spirit is faithful to water all those seeds that we have planted!

Pakuranga Night Market, 30th June 2012

"Dreams, Destiny and Divine Set –Ups"

Aucklanders are dreaming and many of them seemed to turn up at the night market 4XP Revelations stall last night at the Pakuranga Night Market. From problems with teeth, never being able to leave school, nightmares, flying, dictators, finger puppets to various vehicles we were kept busy right up to midnight!

It is so wonderful to see how each person that comes, receives just what they need at the time, whether it is an Encouraging Word, Healing, Spiritual Insight or Spiritual Cleansing so that they can move forward with their lives into their destiny, or whether it is something else they pick off the Menu Board, God knows exactly what is needed and the team is always so incredibly blessed by being able to share in it.

There night market 3seemed to be so many 'Divine Set-ups' last night. The first lady in the stall was visiting Auckland from Hawkes Bay and connected in such an amazing way once she was encouraged by very specific words of knowledge and when we discovered that we had already met with her boys many times as part of the set-up, pack-down team at the markets we were all really thrilled! You will see Mum in the photo on the left with Erin, which she requested later on in the evening.

The next "Divine Set-up" was a newly single Mum that was the first of many to burst into tears upon discovering the meaning of her dream when she heard how much God cared about her very difficult situation.

We are constantly coming night market 1across people that are very interested in the supernatural realm; they just don't know that God is a part of that. So being able to re-present Jesus and see most that come through the stall tangibly touched by His presence is no small thing! Words of knowledge and words of wisdom break down barriers very quickly so that they instantly open the door for Jesus to be revealed. Several people last night got to experience Him and did not leave the same way they came in.

Towards the end of the evening we had a very large group come through that were part of a wrestling club, with most of them receiving Dream Interpretations, Name Readings and just about everything else on the menu, and eventually leaving hugely encouraged that God was interested in every single detail of their lives.

God sees each person as special and having great treasure within them, and for the man who was having issues with night market 2mental health to hear that he was valued and significant, it was a timely word. The last young couple were no exception, having wisdom way beyond their years and being such incredible role models for their families and the next generation. They had overcome all sorts of things and were adamant that they would not allow anything to prevent them from achieving what God has purposed for them to do.

This nation has some amazing, incredibly talented people scattered across all sectors and we love that we get to meet with some of them and to share the extreme love of God with them. No matter where they are at spiritually when they come into our little stall, by the time they leave they get to hear and gain understanding that God is their biggest cheerleader and that He will do everything possible to see them released into the fullness of their destiny!

Pakuranga Night Market, 16th June 2012

God Never, Ever Fails.

How can we express how incredible and what a huge privilege it is for the XP Revelations team to go out twice a month to the Pakuranga Night Markets? Each time we are expectant for God to radically impact the many people that come through the stall and He never, ever fails!

A mother and daughter, wanting Spiritual Insight, came from a nominal Christian background. God showed how much He loved them through Words of Encouragement and they received night market 15revelation that they could really have a personal relationship with God and speak with Him whenever they wanted to. The daughter was encouraged via a Word of Knowledge that she could achieve anything that she put her mind to as God had gifted her with an amazing mind – she was doing a Business degree.

Four young guys from Year 9 were inspired by their Name Readings and Words of Knowledge that broke down all the barriers as they recognised how accurate they were. We love seeing it when the young ones nudge each other laughing and say "That's so you!" Now we had their attention, we were then able to let each of them know that God has a plan and a purpose and cares about every little detail of their lives.

A young woman looking for hope was encouraged about writing and speaking into others lives, and a young man left feeling that night market 14he was able to make wise decisions for his life.

A couple of ladies that had been in 2 months prior came back bringing one of their daughters with them. The minute she sat down she began to cry and found this quite disturbing, but after reassuring her that this was a safe place and that she was free to express what was going on in her life we were able to pray for her and she felt God's peace wash over her. This beautiful young woman's creative abilities and dreams which had been crushed by abuse were reignited again and she left the stall knowing she would never be alone again and discovered the greatest Comforter of all – the Holy Spirit.

A couple that we had not physically met, but knew from Facebook who have had some amazing dreams were encouraged by the interpretations to know that God has been leading and guiding them through a transitional time that has been somewhat challenging.

Finally after receiving Words of Knowledge regarding a traumatic car accident and pain in her neck the young woman who came in with her friends who was seeking Spiritual Cleansing, saw a significant improvement in her body and spiritual breakthrough so that she could now contemplate moving forward with her life.

This was one of the coldest nights out that we have had, but that did not prevent people from encountering the Creator of the Universe and leaving our little stall knowing how much He loves each and every one of them and that He will never ever fail them!

Pakuranga Night Market, 19th May 2012

What Does Night Market 1Love Look Like? Love……..depending on your 'grid', can mean so many different things to different people. At the Pakuranga Night Market Love presented Himself in various ways:

To the Mum and her 12 year old son who were struggling, Love showed up as Hope for their future.

To the 2 girls who had previously been viewed from positions of judgement and derision which had in turn caused them to view themselves as ones that weren't valued, Love showed up as unconditional. night market 3

To the group of Year 11 students with the big world filled with the unknown ahead of them Love planted seeds.

To the three beautiful Samoan girls Love showed them who they were and who they were destined to become.

To the hurting young single mother Love showed up as The Comforter.

To the frightened dreamer, desperately missing her family in another night market 3country Love showed up as Truth, which wiped away all her fears.

To the woman who had been battling bureaucracy for years Love showed up as Justice.

To the wonderful pack down guy we see every time, Love showed up as desires fulfilled, again dressed as Hope.

To the Mum with the two children with the huge sticks of Candy Floss, Love showed up as Encouragement that she was a great Mum!

To the four lovely young Samoan women who arrived just prior to midnight, Love manifested Himself in a tangible way as they waited expectant to encounter Him.

To the people of so many different nationalities that walked by the stall, curious as to what was going on, Love showed up as a smile.

To the many more not listed above, night market 4Love simply showed up and whispered to their hearts that there is more than the struggles they are currently experiencing, that they do have incredible treasure within them that the rest of the world can't wait to see revealed. That they are valued for who they are now and that they have amazing futures ahead of them.

So what does Love look like? You and Me – Jesus alive and clothed in our flesh, utterly unable to keep this great Love to ourselves!

Pakuranga Night Market, 28th April 2012

After a great day of training at Outside the Walls we went to the Pakuranga Night Markets again to put legs on what they had learnt. Because we are not weekly stallholders we usually have to set up our stall wherever we can and each time we ring to see if there is a space available there is always a little nervousness that it will be at full capacity, but even though it has been growing there always seems to be a space. When we arrived this week we were asked to set up at the end of the food strip. This was a large stall so was great for training purposes and even better when they offered us this spot as a permanent position!

God's extreme love for people has the power to amaze us every time and we saw one guy receive such a vast improvement from a muscle/tendon injury that he walked out without his crutches, another was healed of an arm injury and his back was accidentally healed as well! outreach team

We saw a couple of ladies set free from obstacles that had prevented them from fully moving into their destiny and watched as God tangibly manifested His presence on one in particular as she discovered how much God loved her and cared deeply about the physical abuse she had endured and how He was beginning to reveal Himself to her through visions.

A young girl came back to the stall again, this time with her Mum. She was a believer and Mum was not. Her Mum was telling us how this beautiful young girl had been such a strength in their family while they had been going through a particularly hard time and this precious girl began to recognise how God was showing Himself through her to her family even though she was only 15.

A Mum, her daughter and the daughter's new baby came in and shared their incredibly touching story of the many difficult times they had recently been through from losing a job to the Australian floods, and were deeply impacted by all the spiritual insight that the team shared with them.

Being able to express the love of God is truly both awesome and addictive and the stunned mullet look that appears on a person's face as they are encouraged and transformed by having an encounter with the One who is Love never fails to thrill our spirits. It is such a privilege for the XP Revelations Team to be able to give Destiny Words, Spiritual Insight, Healing, Dream Interpretations and Encouraging Words to a world that is desperate for the authentic love of God!

Pakuranga Night Market, 31st March 2012

Our Papa loves to display His extravagant love through His children to a lost and hurting world.

We saw this dramatic display over and over again on Saturday evening when around 50 people came through the stall, each truly hungry to know that they had a hope and a future and each person leaving experiencing His love one way or another.

So many folk have heard about God/Jesus/Holy Spirit and have a limited understanding in their minds of who He is, but very few had encountered the manifest presence of the Living God.

Through Spiritual Insights, Destiny Words, Dream Interpretations, Spiritual Encounters, Name Readings, Spiritual Cleansings they got to truly experience God's love in our little stall on Saturday Night.

One local lady was dramatically healed from disc degeneration and a problem with her hip – this lovely woman spent a very long time telling us her story as we quietly listened and was completely stunned when we prayed a simple prayer and her pain instantly left completely. She could not speak and was crying in astonished joy and gratitude.

Another young teenager absolutely blown away as a team member showed her how God had told him prior to coming out her name written on a piece of paper and that God wanted her to know how much He loved her. We were all in tears as she shared that both her parents were battling cancer and that her Dad was a believer – till that point she wasn't!

This was a night when we had quite a few small groups of people through and we love to see the looks of amazement on their faces when they hear very clear Words of Knowledge for their friends and family and truly get to understand that God does know them. The walls come down very rapidly which makes it so easy then to go much deeper with someone in the first few minutes of conversation than you can sometimes go in a lifetime with others.

Papa enjoyed displaying how very much He loves all people and cares about all their circumstances and how much He loves to move through a few willing folk with a desire to share His Extreme Love!

If you are interested in learning how to go 'Outside The Walls' and how easy and exciting it is to share His love to those that are more than ready to receive it, please feel free to contact Andrew or Erin on 09 8168705 regarding free training that will be held on Saturday April 28th April at Springs of Life Church, 126 Pt Chevalier Road, Pt Chevalier, Auckland (Formerly known as Pt Chev Baptist) from 10am.

St Patrick's Day, 17th March 2012 at Pakuranga Night Market

Well the evening did start off somewhat intersting! We had to move our gazebo to four different places, saving the best till last and drawing a little attention to ourselves carrying our half built gazebo over other stalls to its final resting place for the evening.

It sounds a little like a death, but this was the beginning of an incredible evening bringing nothing but life, hope and encouragement to all those that stopped by our stall.

St Patrick was able to understand and hear God even as a child and movednight market in the supernatural naturally with miracles abounding which caused the people to respect, love and admire him. There seemed to be an overall theme for this evening and that was that people were truly amazed that they too could hear the voice of God for themselves and through the team.

We were down a couple of amazing team members tonight, and this made things somewhat hectic – apologies to those that couldn't wait as we were busy with others. All in all we had over 30 through the stall. Each person left changed and knowing that God cared about them, even down to the littlest details and all left delighted in the fact that they could hear from God for themselves.

First up was a family of four with Mum being the instigator and Dad coming in with their daughters. Mum was going through life a little reluctantly and feeling pulled in all directions, and was encouraged that things would settle down. Dad kept things a little close to his chest as a team member saw that there had been something new coming into his life due to the fact that he was a man of integrity, was able to lead and motivate others, and therefore people felt secure coming to him as he was trustworthy and that his superiors had recognised this. The team member felt that God was saying that there would be a time of balance coming between family and work. After receiving all of this and then some, Dad said he had just been offered a job as GM for his company and that he was negotiating having more time off to spend with his family to get that work/family balance corrected. One hopeful and encouraged family left somewhat happy! Words of knowledge and Destiny can change people's outlook on life!

Promotions must have been on the table that night as another lady was also just offered one and amazed that God was able to let our team member know this.

We saw a couple of people receive improvements connected with pain in their bodies. One, a Christian lady for her neck and shoulders and another the stall owner next door who was a Hindu and had all over body pain and wanted prayer for their business. This was their first time at the market and they were so thankful for the encouragement we gave them.

We had a group of 7 young ladies come in and all had Name Readings, Words of Knowledge and encouraging Words of Destiny.

Another lady came in and was deeply moved as she experienced God's love and peace in a spiritual encounter, prayer, words of knowledge, destiny and spiritual insight. This lady was incredibly excited at the fact that God does speak and can and would give her guidance.

A young man struggling with nightmares and a traumatic event was so relieved that God could protect him and learnt how to deal with these nightmares and that he could expect to receive dreams that would bring hope for his future.

2 young ladies – one had just moved up to Auckland that night, another was struggling to move forward from difficult experiences, both so touched that God knew all about their circumstances and was in the business of bringing freedom and removing fear to one and exciting opportunities to the other.

So many more stories – where there were ones encouraged by Dream Interpretations, Spiritual Insight, Words of Destiny and Knowledge, Healing, Spiritual Encounters and Cleansing. Yay God!!!


Pakuranga Night Market 25th Feb 2012

Our first night at the Pakuranga Night Market saw around 50+ people through the XP Revelations Gazebo. This place is cooking…. literally. There are so many food stalls from many different nations and this appears to be the main attraction for the heavy foot traffic.

Speaking with a mother and son, the son asked for some Spiritual Art and our team member attempted to draw him a transformer, encouraging him that this is what God saw him as. He may seem ordinary but he had a hunger for the supernpn marketatural and this picture and word spoke volumes to him.

Another couple of team members prayed for a couple where the lady had part of her face numb. It increasingly improved until she had complete feeling in this side of her face and she was overjoyed!

A couple of Christian ladies came in, a mother and daughter who were greatly impacted by words of knowledge and destiny words. These beautiful women of God left strengthened and encouraged.

We saw healing in a lady's thumb, where that morning she had very little movement and a lot of pain, to see a huge improvement and a lot less pain.

A lovely couple came in with their little baby girl and were encouraged by words of knowledge, destiny words, dream interpretations and the lady was instantly healed from chronic back pain.

We met some delightful young ladies and a young guy, all from Christchurch, two of whom had moved up with their parents 3 weeks earlier, and the young guy was visiting with them. These precious young ones were greatly affected by all that had been happening in Christchurch and received words of destiny, name readings, tattoo readings, spiritual cleansing/deliverance and were so overwhelmed with the love of God and that He actually cared enough to be interested in every detail of their lives, and were blown away by the many words of knowledge given by the team. The young lady that had nightmares camepn market3 in with walls up and left with a spark in her eyes and all went with renewed hope for their future.

One of the team encountered a group of around 7 young big guys that were asking about what was written on our menu board. After the first one received a word the others were really keen to have their own words of destiny as well, so our team member spent quite some time encouraging each young man.

The market closes at around midnight, and one of the team was speaking to one of the pack down guys right at the end who was incredibly overwhelmed by the words of knowledge and words of destiny he received. There were a few expletivespn market2 thrown in every few minutes, as he was trying to wrap his head around how much God loved him. The tattoo reading also encouraged him in regards to his family situation and his brother actually ran after us as we were taking the gear to the car.

We had many people asking us if we would be back next week – and at this point we are hoping to make it a fortnightly/monthly event as folk of all different ages and nationalities are so hungry to experience the love of God and discover hope for their future. We had such an amazing time simply loving people and seeing God touch them where they were at. Yay God!


Cambodia Trip Report 12th - 24th Jan 2012

As is often the case when you go on a missions trip, God did so much in our hearts as we served and ministered to the Cambodian people we met. We ministered in many places - the AID's and TB wards of a local health clinic, the slums, villages, garbage dump and the home for children rescued from the sex trade. In every place we saw healings and people come to know Jesus. At the garbage dump they had never heard of Jesus before and by the end of our working there almost half would have accepted the Lord. Here are a few testimonies ...

At the rubbish dump rubbish1

The trip to the garbage dump was probably the highlight of our trip. A whole village of people lives and works there amongst the piles of stinking and burning garbage, trying to eke out a living and feed their families (sometimes with that garbage). We were able to share God's outrageously wonderful love with them - the result of which was about half the village accepting Jesus. The XP team that is now permanently in Poi Pet will continue to go into the dump to help and disciple them, which will be great.

We took with us rice and other food, kids clothes, toiletries and even some toys with us. I got to give rice to a family and smile1explain (through the interpreter) why we were doing so. By the time I'd finished both, I (Lyn) and the woman were crying as the love of Jesus touched her both practically and emotionally. The garbage dump was probably the part of the trip that touched me the most. There was a whole village of people who lived and worked there trying to find something of value to sell in rubbish that had already been picked over many times before it even got to the dump. They looked for plastics and cloth and some were looking for old rice to either sell to the pig farmers or, as in the case of one person we talked to, to feed their own family. Our NZ dumps would be their equivalent of a gold mine, I reckon - the stuff we throw away would provide for and feed a family for days. clothes

As we gave clothes out to the kids I watched as a little girl stood there holding a pair of red shorts she had just been given. As we watched her she brought them up to her nose and smelled them. She did this a few times and all we could guess is that they smelt clean and nice to her. Her own clothes were filthy and smelt of the smoke of the rubbish dump, which swirled around us all.

Seeing the team members play games with the kids there and them all laughing together was precious. These kids work as hard as their parents usually and if the family earns $2 a day they are lucsmile2ky. Many of the mothers and children stopped work to talk to us while we were there and for them to give up that chance to earn in order to listen to us was so precious to us, as it was a huge thing for them to do. None of the people at the dump had heard of Jesus before but by the time we left almost half of them had accepted Jesus or been touched by his love in some way.

We have since heard that the team went back the following week and those that got saved or healed the week before gave testimonies of what God had done, which resulted in even more of the village being saved. That is so cool!

At the children's home

These are kids that have been abused in some way, yet seeing them playing and laughing with the team who were strangers to them showed how much healing Jesus had done in their lives. It was wonderful to see Johnny - the young boy Patricia and Shirley rescued from being sold. He is still very shy and spends a lot of time on his own but is making good progress. The team got to play, sing and minister to the kids on a couple of occasions. The kids also loved the gifts the team had brought with them and had great fun jumping rope and crashing their toy cars together, like any kids anywhere.

At a village safe house

A safe house is a house safe-housebuilt by XP and the Cambodia Hope Organization where a family takes in three at risk kids and raises them as part of their own family. These couples are paid a small wage to do so and to also educate the village on how to keep their children safe. In one of the villages we saw how the village was being transformed by the safe house and its provision. The village was notably cleaner than those around it, it had three public toilets for the village to use, a water pump and a "school on a mat"' for the children who cannot afford to attend the public schools. Public schooling is generally free in Cambodia but the uniforms and supplies often cost too much for families to buy and if they can't buy them the kids can't go to school. school-on-mat

We saw the "school on a mat" that the safe house runs in progress and the kids we ministered to were hungry both to learn the basics of reading and writing and hear about Jesus. We sang and danced with them and presented the gospel using drama and colouring in pictures. Many of the kids prayed to receive Jesus and also got healed of various things - usually having trouble breathing or sore tummies or sore teeth etc. To us these are things that we have medical help so available to treat - they have none. There is no hospital in Poi Pet and doctors are too expensive, but Jesus loves to heal and he did! It was wonderful to see the kids faces light up as their pain disappeared.

AIDS/TB hospice

In the TB ward - I (Lyn) got to share with two men and pray for them both. One came to know the Lord and his delight in doing so was very evident. I don't know if he was healed - I couldn't tell on the spot, so I am continuing the pray in that regard. TB is highly contagious and so these people are often separated from their families and can be treated a bit like lepers. Yet as we shared with them they came to know that God saw them, loved them and wanted them to know that by sending us. The XP team got to go a couple of times to both the AID's and TB wards and saw some amazing salvations and healings in those visits.


In the villages, slumspraying and garbage dump - we saw many give their hearts to the Lord and many were healed as well. The joy on their faces was wonderful to see as God touched them.

In one village as we shared, one of the team saw in a nearby field a bomb disposal team searching for land mines. There are still many hidden there and so much land is still unsafe and unusable because of that. This nation is still recovering from the horrible genocide that happened there. The majority of the population is under thirty and in that war they killed the teachers, intellectuals, government officials, journalists and many who were the trainers and influencers for the next generation. As a result schools, government and all aspects of society have been affected and the infrastructure of the nation crumbled and is only now being rebuilt.

A part of this two-week outreach was a group of about forty business men and leaders who came for three days to look at ways they could invest in Poi Pet. God has given them some wonderful ideas and initiatives that will help that city considerably as they get implemented. I love how God is village1interested in prospering people in every way, not just spiritually. These initiatives will provide jobs and also help the city's infrastructure over time.

We had a team of awesome translators working with us who came down from Pnom Phen to do so. They were all Christians except one and he saw God do so much during that time that amazed him. He is very close to coming to Jesus but is weighing up the cost at the moment; please pray for him.

XP is doing a wonderful work in Cambodia with building safe-houses, schools, businesses, as well as ministering practically and spiritually to the people of the Poi Pet area. Please do pray for the team that is now living there permanently.


Grey Lynn Park Festival - 19th Nov 2011

This was XP's 1st year at Grey Lynn Park Festival, but the fifth for some of the team members and the day started off pretty soggy, but the sun came out and thankfully stayed from around 8am right through till after 6pm when we closed up. gazebo

We estimate that over 160+ people came through the XP Revelations gazebo hoping to find encouragement and hope for their future with Spiritual Readings, Dream Interpretations, Spiritual Encounters, Spiritual Cleansing, Spiritual Art, Healing, and Words of Destiny.

Following are just a small sample of some of the day's interactions with the spiritually hungry people we came across.

One team member, when speaking with a girl, had a picture of a girl dancing and shared it with her, to discover that she was studying dance at Unitech and this broke down the walls and created an opportunity to speak further words of encouragement and destiny over her life.

When she was asked what she would like from the Menu Board, one lady said "Mmmm, it all soumenuboardnds good but I would like a Word of Destiny for my future." So one of the team members told her that he saw her working with people in a social justice environment and helping people in general. She looked like a stunned mullet and they asked if she related to that. She was overwhelmed and said that she was studying in that area towards getting qualifications and this was her heart. She was thoroughly blessed!

Three Japanese students came in (all of them spoke very little English) and it was a little difficult communicating with them. The team spoke over the girls and then finally the man, and he said he was concerned that he was getting older (in his 30's) and hadn't found a wife! So as one team member began to speak with him she saw God's heart for this gentle man and said that he had a beautiful spirit and was very generous, just something simple, and he began to tear up and told her with gestures, "You spoke to my heart." God's love transcends any language barriers!

A lady was spoken to by some of the team who was a journalist and published author in the non-fiction field, but wanted to branch out into fiction. Instead of giving her a Spiritual Reading or Word of Destiny they became Dream Consultants – but of the business kind! This beautiful, intelligent, mature woman was blessed and encouraged by erinGod's insight into her situation.

Three others came for Dream Interpretations and Words of Destiny – one had an interesting dream where two spaceships crashed in outer space and one fell to the earth where the animals started eating themselves and the humans did too – one man that was helping take all the bodies away morphed into an alien. One team member felt that this was talking about two different spiritual points of view colliding and having an affect in the natural which was unhealthy. After encouraging Words of Destiny for the girls, one was very touched and began to cry – all of them left really encouraged!

One couple came because they were having difficulties – the lady mainly, but a team member initially felt that God wanted to encourage the guy that he had an amazing strength and quiet wisdom about him and that he was a good father and a good man. She also told him that in the New Zealand psyche it wasn't okay for a man to show his emotions, but felt that God was saying to him that it was okay to admit when things were a bit challenging and it was even okay to cry. She told them that they would find strength as they communicated with each other. This spoke volumes and they were incredibly touched.

Two other team members spoke to an Indian couple and their daughter. He had been out of work for a year after a failed business venture, and even though he was highly qualified and skilled, due to his age he was having difficulty finding either a job or the courage to start another business. Both team members felt that it was time for him to look outside of the box and were able to encourage him. One asked if he had something wrong with his liver or kidneys. He had been very ill and had an operation on his kidneys and was in a lot of pain. They prayed for him and clearly felt the heat on his kidneys and he felt the pain diminish instantly. This family were delightful and hugely encouraged.

The team knew that the Holy Spirit would touch people in some way through them and found that most people were more than happy to be prayed for. 99% had really positive reactions and feedback and we could tangibly see that everyone encountered God's love and presence in some form or another on XP Revelations first, but definitely not last, outing at Grey Lynn Park Festival. Watch this space for Part Two!

What does Extreme Love look like?

Since the Extreme Love team has been going out regularly over this last year one of the most valuable things that we have learnt is how important it is to simply make ourselves available. When we do, God always sets up divine appointments!

On our last outreach the weather was a little dodgy, but the sun shone for most of the time and of course the people came out in droves, swimming in the sea and in the iconic Mission Bay fountain.

Again we met folk from around the globe and around the country, visiting because of the Rugby World Cup, and we are always amazed at the many different nationalities that we come across that fall in love with our beautiful country and choose to stay.

One of those was a Dad that Rob spoke with, out enjoying the sun with his family, blowing bubbles for his little boy to chase down in the glorious sunshine; they spent the good part of an hour discussing spiritual things.

Another was a young man that we met from India who had been in the country for 9 months. R.J. picked out the Lucky Dip Card 'Visionary' and we prophetically called him into his destiny, sensing that there was much more for him than working locally in a fairly casual position, and he was thrilled to share that he had big dreams prior to coming to New Zealand and had specifically trained for those.

Two young nurMission Bayses in training, one Scottish and one Kiwi, picked out 'Pioneer' and 'Great Destiny' and Denise and I left them happily sitting in the sun refuelled with dreams of their future.

While we were talking with them, three young girls came over to the sign and one of them told Andrew and Rob that she had been instantly healed of a leg injury when someone prayed for her while she was out one day, and she was a little unsure of what had happened and was somewhat freaked out by this experience. When Denise and I came on the scene, we found out that it had been a 'drive by' healing at The Warehouse and that God was out to get her attention. The other young woman received a Word of Knowledge that was particularly amusing to the other two, which then made it easy to speak Words of Destiny over their lives. Dad was waiting so they had to rush off.

Taking photos for visitors from England, Malaysia and Japan opened up conversations that hopefully left them with great impressions and memories of their time in our beautiful country. What does Extreme Love look like? It looks like you and me!

Rugby World Cup vs Extreme Love Team

The Extreme Love team hit the waterfront and Queens Wharf on RWC opening weekend thinking that there would be a lot of people out and about because of the Rugby World Cup. That there was, but everyone on the waterfront was rather focused on all things Rugby.......funny that, so we headed on up to Aotea Square where we thought we might find people a little more relaxed, with time to talk.

On the way there we met Irene who was visiting from Rotorua and was happy to receive an Identity Bracelet with the word "Strength" on it and the accompanying Word of Destiny to go with it.

I'm not sure if people were that much more relaxed at Aotea Square, as there was definitely a party atmosphere all through the streets of Auckland. There were many nationalities represented that we spoke to - French, Japanese, Middle Eastern and more.

We also shared with some Vegans and teenagers doing Parkour! Parkour is a method of movement focused on moving around obstacles with speed and efficiency using jumping, climbing and running and the young men were happy to give us a demonstration of this and then each receive encouraging Words of Destiny before they leaped off over the next obstacle.

The French students were decked out in their red white and blue from aotea squarehead to toe, ready for the game that night so the girl with the bright red glittery hair was more than happy to receive an identity bracelet encouraging her to 'Shine', it was the only black and white thing on her and she thought it was a great nod to the country hosting her.

The playing cards with one word/sentence encouragements disappeared quickly and called out destiny in all the above groups of people with the young Middle Eastern man receiving a similar word from two separate people that confirmed the destiny that was spoken over his life.

The outcome of Rugby World Cup vs Extreme Love? Everybody won, many seeds were sown and we look forward to the next match which will be posted shortly.

Identity Theft Dealt To Out West - 14th August

outreach 1Well the weather was wild today, so it put paid to plans of sitting in the sun outside West City Mall in Henderson. What a great excuse to go in the Mall, have coffee and make up some single word identity bracelets (surfie type) with black and white beads that are used to encourage people.

A great new icebreaker was devised by accident for lucky dips, due to the fact that Denise had no blank paper. A pack of cards and a permanent marker provided great single word/sentence lucky dips. outreach 2 Refuelled, we were locked and loaded, armed and dangerous, ready to deal to the thief that has been on the loose stealing peoples' identities!

"Pick a card, any card", was the line used over and over today. How can they resist? They didn't! Teenagers and adults alike couldn't help themselves and many were encouraged by the Words of Destiny received from these cards. "Smile for the camera!"

Teenage boys not only liked the balloon animals, they also liked the Identity Bracelets, and particularly the Encouraging Words that accompanied them.

A Mum and outreach 35 year old daughter relaxing in the massage chairs were hugely blessed when Mum received an Identity Bracelet with 'Destiny' on it. Both were in remission with Leukaemia, and greatly appreciated the opportunity to hear that God understands all that they have been through and that He has a hope and a future for them and they were happy to receive prayer for the continued remission and complete healing from the cancer.

Andrew and Rob approached a large table of teenagers and each one wanted a card and Identity Bracelet – especially the boys, and one young guy asked Rob to "Sit down and tell me about God", which he did with great pleasure.

Lyn was looking after the bags at the table and continued to make up Identity Bracelets, having a young guy in mind that she met earlier, but as she couldn't leave the table with all the gear, she asked God to bring him past again, and of course He obliged her, and the young man was given a word of outreach 4knowledge that he is not to 'dumb down' the abilities that he has been given, which blows him away and gives him the courage to just be himself.

A 14 year old girl was so excited with her bracelet that she was happy to ignore the funny looks her Mum and sister were giving her, and told them to go on ahead as she was enjoying being encouraged and excited to find out about her destiny.

Identity theft really was dealt to out west, and many were encouraged by the outrageously 'Extreme Love' of Jesus.


Aotea Square - 16th July

The Extreme Love Team hit Aotea Square this afternoon, after a week of endless rain, the sun was shining, and so the people were out on the streets enjoying the fine day. Outreach 1

We had a great time chatting to a family that had been in New Zealand for around 3 years from England. Mum and Dad moved over for the many benefits that New Zealand has to offer. The 3 littlies were rapt with the balloon animals, and Mum and Dad were very encouraged with the Lucky Dip Words. People find it quite overwhelming to comprehend that there are those willing to give up their weekends to go out and show encouragement and the love of Jesus to complete strangers. One very happy and blessed family continued their family outing.

One of the break dancers that hang out at Aotea Square regularly had broken his toe, after prayer, was feeling much better, and an ex-Catholic man with rickets was greatly encouraged and blessed after prayer.

Karen and Michael, teenagers in Year 11 at college, were drawn to the balloon animals. Karen felt that the mouse balloon matcOutreach 2hed her timid and shy nature, and was brought to tears when she picked out the Lucky Dip word "Inner Strength" discovering that through God's eyes she did have this and that meeting us today was certainly not co-incidental. She had never heard the gospel message before, and after having a Dream Interpretation, really discovered how much God loved her and was interested even in the smallest details of her life. Michael, already a Christian was greatly encouraged in his faith, and was really excited that his friend was hearing about God for the first time, and amazed at how God had set it up for us to speak just what she needed to hear today.

The rain came down again in bucket loads, but not till we had shared many Words of Destiny, Dream Interpretations, Lucky Dip Encouraging Words and prayed and blessed several people.


Outrageous Love out West - 18th June

Wow what a day!!!! The Extreme Love team hit the streets of West Auckland this afternoo -. West City Mall, to be precise. Alistair, a young father of two littlies playing in the indoor playground, initially had zero spiritual beliefs, but found out that God was very interested in his future, and that the new opportunity he had via an Engineering degree was important to God, too. The red sparkly hats, balloon animals and crowds of children surrounding us did stand out somewhat and we were encouraged kindly by security to move outside!

Not a problem!!! Mark, the Pied Piper of Balloon Animals, led a few into twest cityhe courtyard out front, where we proceeded to give countless Encouraging Words, Words of Knowledge, Words of Destiny, Lucky Dips and Name Readings to children, teenagers, and adults!!!

How many words can you get from a "Sausage Dog", "Poodle", "Mouse", "Giraffe", "Sword", "Teddy", "Elephant"? You would be amazed! Ha ha, so were we, as we prophesied over many in the courtyard. Teenagers were lining up, not just for the balloon animals, but simply to hear an encouraging word over their life. A little encouragement goes a very long way.

"Dream Big", "No Limits" etc. I wonder where some of these young ones will end up. A 13 year old boy, encouraged by a Word of Knowledge that he was very bright at school, and to ignore his peers if they gave him a hard time about it, was very clearly destined to make his mark in the world.

These young ones from 6 to 20 were lapping up the words spoken over their lives, like water in a dry and thirsty land. A 20 year old girl that had been wounded and had built up a hard exterior, but underneath was really like her "Teddy" Balloon animal, with a soft precious heart, received a hug from a Dad, showing her what Father God thinks of her - it was well received.

It wasn't difficult to love these hungry young ones and encourage them into the amazing destinies that God has for them. It only took a couple of hours of our time and a willingness just to get out and be available.

Come with us next time, and see how easy it is, and let God use you to speak life into their lives. Check this link for dates and times. We would love to have you - and so would they!


Mission Bay - 28th May

God is good, all the time!!! The weather held out...yay that was the fcrowd2irst breakthrough, after days of rain, thank you Lord!

We have had a small team of XPers going out regularly, that is now beginning to increase, and we had a great bunch with us today at Mission Bay from Snells Beach, Titirangi, Henderson, Howick, Botany, Bucklands Beach, Ellerslie and Manurewa. A great cross-section from all different parts of Auckland and various churches. Where brothers and sisters dwell together in unity God commands a blessing.

We were still setting up when we spied 3 young girls in pyjamas - at 1pm in the afternoon. They were doing the 40 hour famine via their school and they weren't Christians. Three Lucky Dips later these girls were excited by their Encouraging Words. When one girl was asked her name, she happened to mention that it had a negative meaning, I begged to differ and 3 Name Readings later these girls were really excited that God thinks that they are so important to Him, that He is even interested in their names, and they were happy for us to write down the meanings and the scripture references associated with them so that they could go menu-boardhome and look them up in their Bibles.

One team member had a discussion with a lady about dreams, and then tagged another team member to help out. After prayer for her bad dreams the lady was ready to turn her life around for her and her baby son. His Name Reading hugely encouraged her for his destiny, and this lady was ready to check out a church, and is now waiting for someone from the team to contact her from the area she lives in….funny that we have someone from that area on the team……….watch this space to see more on her journey!

Four young people were on a seat, soaking up the autumn sun. One young man who was fed up with his mundane life had 3 clues from a Treasure Hunt, and became aware that He actually has a spirit that needs feeding. After they had received 4 Lucky Dips and many prophetic and encouraging words, they were bouncing from one team member to another - four people who now know that Christians are somewhat different to what they thought, and are definitely not like Harold Camping!!! They now know that God is interested in them, and that he has one man's number thoroughly highlighted.

There were 20+ lives touched today! Nobody needed healing, apparently – a healthy bunch at the beach today - but each person met Jesus through a group of people, many of whom had never prophesied over an unsaved person before. They saw that Wow, it IS EASY to share the Love of Jesus Christ on the streets, and people from all walks of life ARE spiritually hungry.

Check this link for regular updates of where we will be sharing the extreme love of Jesus next, and come and join us, and see people's lives transformed, and maybe your own in the process.