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webA vital part of Kingdom Life is reaching out with God's pure love. Countless millions are crying out right now for rescue from poverty, oppression and bondage. Children are looking for advocates who will represent their cry for help.

Operation Justice is all about bringing justice into one of thenot for sale most grievous systems of the earth - the sex trade of children and women across the globe. The Lord loves justice and the foundations of His throne are righteousness and justice - His Kingdom brings justice everywhere it goes. We will serve to build this Kingdom in Poipet, Cambodia and beyond through intercession, evangelism, mercy ministries, raising funds and justice missions with the aim to abolish the sex trade in this city and throughout the world. One child at a time. One village at a time. We will make a stand and declare "No More!"

XP USA established an Outreach Center and Team in the city of Poipet, Cambodia that was fully operational in January 2012. We will endeavor to keep you posted about new developments.

From Patricia King's Trip Diary

Poipet, Cambodia September 6, 2011

The Rescue of Johnny

guardToday, we went to an isolated border crossing where many children are trafficked into Thailand. The human trafficking circuit from Laos, Burma, and Cambodia funnel through Poipet, Cambodia into Thailand where "the product —human lives" are distributed to brothels, auctions, and nations. A young boy (around 9 or 10 years of age) had been captured by the border patrol the night before. He and a girl around the same age had fled from the traffickers and were trying to escape when the boy was caught and the girl continued to run. At the border, there are incidences where some of the guards use the children for their own sexual pleasure and then sell them back to the traffickers for a bribe. The traffickers do not need passports, birth certificates, or visas for the children in order to get them across. In many cases, they only need bribe money. child

The guards were intimidated by the cameras at first and then freely shared about the little boy that was in their custody asking us if we wanted to take him… so we did. Right then and there. The boy was terrified, wanting to run…hiding under the table. He had been drugged and there was evidence of needle marks between his thumb and finger. Sometimes the young boys are given injections of horse hormones in order to create erections. Sometimes the children are drugged to sleep so they will not cry out for help. When he was captured at the border, he had a #18 label glued into his back. He was definitely a victim of human trafficking. His whole being was traumatized but he was a surviver for sure…full of courage.

He sat between Shirley Ross and I in the back seat… silent…watchful…fearful. He had no trust…not in anyone…looking for a way to escape…he did not know he was safe… what was safety? When we arrived at Safe Haven, the other children came out to greet him. Fear continued to grip him. He held on to a pillar, then ran under a table, and attempted to run through the gates. Our guide from CHO (Cambodia Hope Organization), explained that this is not uncommon when the children come to Safe Haven. All the children there have been rescued out of risk and trafficking situations. They are all now happy, peaceful, little children. We built our first children's home there a few years ago…we are building another one now because the needs are great…so many children need rescue…shelter…protection…love.

The little boy was nameless so we call him Johnny (Beloved of God). After we put him in his room for the night, he broke down and cried. This was a good thing. How long had he held the tears within him with no freedom to release? Soon after, he ate some rice and drank some water. The guards at the border had told us that he refused drink and food so we know that he had digested nothing for at least 24 hours before coming to Safe Haven.

I will go and see Johnny in the morning… he is safe… pray for his healing…pray for his peace…yes, pray. Thank You Lord for the privilege of being involved in this divine intervention. Grant us now everything we need to care for him and others… there are so many others…waiting…we want to help…we want to love.


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