Itinerary for XPNZ and Rob & Lyn Packer

The following events may be subject to change so please do contact the people involved to register or check dates, times etc.



Thurs 16th - Sat 18th - Glory School, Tauranga
The Glory School is a time of revelatory foundational importance. In this school we'll instruct, equip, enlighten and release you into the Glory Realm of God. We'll teach you what is scripturally yours to access in the Spirit realm - the Throne Room, the Third Heaven, angelic encounters and more... and we'll show you how to access these things; not just during the school but afterward as well, so that you can have the relationship and encounters with God you long for.
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Fri 10th - Sat 11th - Sharpen Your Spiritual Senses
The gift of discernment is vital in a believer's life. The discerning of spirits, as well as discernment for everyday living, is especially important in a world where voices from every quarter demand that you listen and believe what they are saying. By sharpening your spiritual senses you can learn how to identify the spirits that are working in a situation, or through a person, and how to find the mind of Christ for every situation. Tauranga.
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