Itinerary for XPNZ and Rob & Lyn Packer

The following events may be subject to change so please do contact the people involved to register or check dates, times etc.



Fri 1st - Sun 3rd - Giving Love A Voice - Ohope Christian Fellowship
Fri night and Saturday - prophetic training. Sunday - morning service. 71 Maraetotara Rd, Ohope, Ph 07 312 4965.

Sat 16th - Prophetic Training Day, Tauranga
For more details click here.

Thurs 28th - Company of Prophets evening, Nelson
Led by Lyn Packer. For more details click here.

Fri 29th - Sun 1st Oct - Glory School, Nelson
The Glory School will instruct, enlighten, equip, and release you into the Glory Realm of God. It teaches what is scripturally yours to access in the Spirit realm – the Throne Room, the third heaven, angelic encounters and more… and shows you how to access those things, not just during the school but afterward as well, and to have the encounters with God that you have long hoped you could.
You can find the details here.


Sat 7th - Shatter Your Glass Ceiling, Tauranga
Do you sometimes feel "capped" or hindered from walking in your full potential? Do you want to walk in the fulfilment of all you have been dreaming about and all you truly are? In your heart you know you were created for greatness yet you may feel blocked from moving beyond where you are right now. If so, this weekend will help you break through those barriers that are stopping you moving forward. You can find the details here.